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How does leucorrhea occur? How to prevent it?

Leucorrhoea is a small amount of viscous fluid flowing out of the vagina. It is composed of epithelial cells shed from the vaginal mucosa, cervical mucus, white blood cells and a small amount of Bartholin gland secretion. Leucorrhea can be said to be a predictor of the health of the female reproductive system. Normal leucorrhea is milky white, odorless, non-irritating, and egg white or thin paste. Leucorrhea contains a kind of lactic acid, which can inhibit the growth and reproduction of some bacteria and has a protective effect on the genitals.

If the amount of leucorrhea is large, the color and properties change, or even has a strong fishy odor, this is abnormal. Medically called pathological leucorrhea (abnormal leucorrhea).

The cause of pathological increased leucorrhea can be preliminarily speculated based on the color, quality, quantity and accompanying symptoms of leucorrhea. Women can conduct self-observation according to the characteristics of leucorrhea, so as to detect pathological leucorrhea early and conduct timely examination and treatment.

If abnormal leucorrhea is found before pregnancy, the condition will worsen after pregnancy if left untreated, and the bacteria may be transmitted to the baby through the birth canal during delivery, so it is particularly important to prevent leucorrhea before pregnancy.

Preventive measures for leucorrhea:

(1 ) Vaginal self-examination once a month – understand your own body information. Performing a monthly vaginal self-examination is very important. Because this helps in early detection of possible gynecological diseases. By mastering your own body information, you will be more confident in winning health. A small mirror is used as a prop for vaginal self-examination, which can be viewed after bathing. If any abnormalities are found, the doctor should be given the best guidance.

(2) Pay attention to your diet. Irregular diet can cause physical weakness and lead to vaginal discharge. Do not overeat spicy (ginger, pepper), highly irritating food, or drink strong alcohol to avoid ingestion of yellow and turbid fluid; also do not overeat Eat raw and cold foods to avoid damaging the spleen and stomach and failing to resolve dampness.

(3) Abstinence benefits the kidneys. Immodesty in sexual intercourse and excessive sexual indulgence are important causes of vaginal discharge due to kidney deficiency. Therefore, the prevention of this disease should first of all restrict sexual life. Generally, 1 to 2 times a week is enough.

(4) Adjust emotions. The occurrence of red belt is closely related to liver stagnation and strong fire. The main factor causing liver stagnation is emotional discomfort. Compared with men, women are narrow-minded and care about trivial matters. Neighbors’ language, parents-in-law, etc. The woman\’s expression, her husband\’s attitude, etc. can all cause a woman\’s emotional changes. After understanding the reason why emotional discomfort can cause illness, you should be broad-minded, aware of the overall situation, consider the overall situation, and control your emotions rationally. In this way, the causes of liver stagnation that lead to excessive fire can be eliminated.

(5) Personal intimate items such as underwear and swimsuits should be placed separately and used exclusively.

(6) Go less often to public baths and swimming pools. When staying outside, bring your own clothes and avoid using bath towels, clothes, etc. provided by others or hotels.

(7) Use a shower, preferably not a bath.

(8) Close-fitting clothing should be washed and changed frequently and dried in the sun.

(9) Wash the vulva and vaginal opening with warm water (boiled water and let it warm) every day

span>, utensils (basins, hand towels, etc.) must be dedicated and clean. Do not use any lotions unless prescribed by a doctor. They will destroy the acid-base balance of the vagina. In particular, both parties must clean their external genitalia before each sexual intercourse.

Abnormal leucorrhea characteristics;

Possible disease characteristics;

A large amount of colorless, transparent and sticky leucorrhea, chronic endocervicitis, ovarian dysfunction, and vaginal gland disease etc.;

Characteristics: Possible disease;

White or grayish-yellow foamy Trichomonas vaginitis, often accompanied by vulvar itching, curdled leucorrhea, Candida vaginitis, often accompanied by severe vulvar Itching or burning, gray fishy-smelling leucorrhea, bacterial vaginosis;

Yellow or yellow-green pus-like leucorrhea;

Bacterial vaginitis, cervicitis such as trichomonas or gonococcus, and also cervicitis It may be cervical cancer or vaginal cancer;

Bloody leucorrhea, cervical polyps, submucosal fibroids or cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, watery leucorrhea, usually accompanied by smelly submucosal fibroids with infection or cervical, Cancer of the vagina and ovaries 6. Prevention of hemorrhoids.

This article is provided by Baidu Reading and is excerpted from \”Three Months Before Pregnancy – Preparation Period for Pregnancy\” Author: Wang Liru

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