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How important is parents\’ emotional stability to their children?

How important is parents\’ emotional stability to their children? Over the years, many people in the education and parenting fields have been paying attention to this topic. There was once a picture book called \”The Mother Who Yells When She\’s Angry\”, which was very popular at the time. The content of the picture book was that a little penguin was so scared that he lost his mind when he got angry in front of his mother. In the end, even if the mother found the little penguin, the child\’s hurt heart could no longer be repaired. A large number of surveys show that when parents are emotionally stable, their children have a greater sense of happiness and security. When I was young, I met a boy and we went to a hobby class together. He sat behind me and looked happy every day. He would secretly pull my braids. When class was over, he would take my pen and run around the world, saying loudly, \”Come after me.\” The note was given to me, with \”Pig\” and \”Bear\” drawn on it, and my name written next to it. I don\’t like him because he makes troubles without giving face and makes the whole class know that I am called \”pig\”. This boy who always laughed and rolled on the floor in front of me, one day, suddenly disappeared. Two weeks later, he came back behind me and stopped talking. He is as silent as a warrior. He reads quietly after every get out of class and will not pull my hair in class. Occasionally, his eyes would be red and he would lie on the table. I asked him carefully before he mentioned it. He said that his parents were getting divorced and he had no way to go home. That year, we were all thirteen or fourteen years old. The first time I walked with him on the way home, he said that he really wanted to commit suicide. \”The two of them were not like this before. Now, they always quarrel, and after the quarrel, they both get angry. My mother will rush into my room and keep picking on me. If I can\’t sit still, she will hit me on the back. She kept hitting my head when she put her head close to the book; after she went out, my father came in. My father sat very silently. When he sat behind me, I didn\’t dare to make any sound. He was a very emotional person. Bad people.\” What does a thirteen- or fourteen-year-old person know? He didn\’t have the chance to get to the bottom of it, and the parents he saw were a pair of parents who yelled at him all day long, and a very uneasy version of himself. A good comparison is that at that time, the parents of a neighbor of mine when I was young were also divorced. But her mood didn\’t seem to be affected in any way. I almost witnessed her change from a double parent to a single parent. Her parents\’ emotional divorce was like a breakup. They remained calm and did not quarrel in front of their children. The child followed his mother, and his father packed a lot of clothes. The mother helped him pack them. When they left, they told each other to take care of themselves. After that, his father came to visit them every week, and occasionally took her out to play alone. This child\’s mood is not greatly affected. He still goes to and from school happily every day and plays many games with me. Parental emotional stability is sometimes more important than parental love. Parental love sometimes involves the independence of both parents. We cannot kidnap someone\’s feelings because of their existence. Parents should not be kidnapped by their children, and children cannot be kidnapped by their parents; but parents\’ emotional stability is an inherent And external influence, it is a matter related to upbringing and aura. How stable is your current mood?, how stable the children\’s emotions will be when they grow up. When I was in college, I took classes at a children\’s training center. I have found that children whose parents have gentle personalities and calm emotions smile more, have a stronger sense of happiness, are better able to withstand frustrations, have good manners and education, and are more tolerant of the world. And those children whose parents have strong personalities, unstable emotions, and yelling at every turn are always more likely to go to extremes and lack a minimum sense of security in the world. Why? Because if parents carry knives in their hands all the time, they will have more fear of knives, and this knife is the bad mood of their parents. There are knives in Zhang Ailing\’s writings. In addition to her sensitivity in life, it is also related to her parents. Mother Huang Yifan and father Zhang Zhiyi quarreled and quarreled every day. The quarrel escalated day by day and eventually became irreconcilable. Therefore, a little bit of the hostility in Zhang Ailing\’s works comes from when she was young. The four sisters of the Zhang family always have a peaceful look, which comes from their parents. They are always emotionally stable and respectful to each other in front of them. I always feel that parents’ emotional stability comes first. As a parent, it is always easy to feel anxious, so anxious that you can’t help but yell at yourself. However, all clues to a child\’s growth can be traced back to childhood. There is a saying: When parents are emotionally stable, their children will be more tolerant of trivial matters in the world and have a greater sense of happiness when they grow up. Why? Because parents are the most intuitive interpersonal images that children come into contact with, their sources of interpersonal and social settings often come from their own parents. The calmness parents give their children will give them more opportunities to go out into the world more calmly and without any worries. Don\’t let your emotions destroy your child\’s dream of a better world. As a parent, her mood is stable and optimistic, so that she can slowly construct herself in the initially small world. The outside world is very cruel, so we should be warm, give her some shelter from the wind and rain, and some sunshine, and give her a hug one day to help her walk faster and more steadily.

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