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How long should you hold a six-month-old baby in a day?


Oct 1, 2023 #neonatal period

How long can a newborn be held every day? For a newborn baby, the bones have not grown very well yet and the body is still very soft. It is more important to hold or lie down more and interact more. Newborn babies sleep for a long time, about 18 to 20 hours. Therefore, when the baby is asleep, adults do not need to hold it. Holding it all the time is not conducive to the growth of the baby\’s bones. There are three main reasons: ① Newborns generally sleep about 20 hours a day. If you hold the baby frequently, it will affect the baby\’s sleep quality and shorten the sleep time. ② The cervical spine and spine of newborns are still developing. If you hold the baby in an upright position forcibly or for too long, the baby will be overwhelmed. In order to prevent damage to the baby\’s health, it is better to hold it less. ③ If the baby stays in the mother\’s arms for a long time and lacks opportunities to exercise, it is easy for the baby to be indigestible, which can easily lead to weight gain and obesity. The ability to control the head of a newborn or very young baby is not yet fully developed. Therefore, when holding him, pay special attention to his head. Don\’t let the baby\’s head hang down or swing unsteadily from side to side. If the baby is lying flat when holding the baby, gently support his head with your hands; if the baby is in an upright position, support the baby\’s head and neck with your hands.

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