How many of these body changes do you know during late pregnancy?

Do you still remember the scene and feeling of your first pregnancy? What impressed me deeply, but also made it difficult for me to adapt, was the feeling that all the \”people and things\” around me were changing and becoming particularly unfamiliar. You think that you will be cared for by your family in every possible way, but you are wrong; you think that books can solve all the problems during pregnancy, but you are also wrong… Your pregnancy will not go as smoothly as you planned, but instead there will be various accidents and contradictions. Yes, life is ups and downs and unpredictable. At first, Yaya\’s mother would think that she was too sensitive or too pretentious, but after talking to many pregnant mothers, she discovered that I was not alone. Today we might as well talk about the things that make us jaw-dropping during pregnancy! @王 Pei: The biggest problem after pregnancy is that I can’t control my weight. Except for the vomiting in the first three months, I couldn’t eat well and my weight has not increased. Until now, I have been eating well for eight months. It tastes good and I am almost overweight. The upper limit of expectations has been reached… @正月: After pregnancy, my weight soared from 105 to 140 now. My butt is big and my shoulders are wide and round. My husband hugged me while watching TV. My mother-in-law saw me from behind and said that I am stronger than my husband. ! Now I just want to give birth to the baby as soon as possible, I want to lose weight~@天天: The whole pregnancy is very hard, morning sickness, low blood pressure, the most comfortable part of the second trimester is special pain in the thighs, difficulty walking, low back pain in the third trimester, separation of the pubic symphysis, the whole The pelvic pain is unbearable, my legs always cramp at night, and stretch marks started to appear about 10 days before the due date. Now the baby is still unwilling to come out after the due date. The estimated weight is 8 pounds. I am trembling because I want to give birth naturally. @豆豆: The body can withstand the changes after pregnancy. The biggest change and challenge is the big change in living habits caused by the permanent changes in family members. With the addition of mother-in-law and children, the originally beautiful and casual world of two people has become a family of four. Especially when I think of my mother-in-law\’s various interferences, I feel extremely irritated. What is the Life Guide for Pregnant Women and Expectant Mothers PDF @Madari: My baby is truly an angel. There is no morning sickness, no constipation, no irritability, no sentimentality, and the back pain during pregnancy is negligible. The biggest torture for me is that I can’t travel around the world and I almost go crazy at home every day. @Luuer: I haven’t gained a pound during pregnancy. I’m now 20 weeks old. I’m still like a normal person. I occasionally do housework and wash dishes. I think it’s okay to move a little, especially after eating, so my husband doesn’t do anything special. Treating me as carefully as I did at the beginning, I think this is good, and I can go out for a walk from time to time. Finally, what changes have happened to your sisters after they became pregnant that shocked you and made it difficult for you to adapt? Welcome to leave us a message in the comment area below~

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