How many weeks into pregnancy is considered full term?

Regarding the number of weeks of pregnancy, different countries implement the same standard, that is, the complete cycle of pregnancy is 40 weeks, and the classification standards for early pregnancy, second trimester, and third trimester are also completely consistent. However, the concept of full term is slightly different in different countries. Let’s take a look at the definitions of term in each of these countries. [Latest Fourth Edition] Read the full text of the Pregnancy Bible, scan it in high definition and download it in PDF 108M. Generally speaking, Chinese people are confused when they give birth to a baby. Anyway, it’s just a matter of time and place! I always thought that the baby would come out naturally on the due date! When I gave birth to my second child, I was a little more concerned about the gestational age, because I still planned to have a caesarean section for my second child, but I didn’t know when it was appropriate to have a caesarean section, so I asked the doctor this question. The doctor\’s answer to me was, \”37 weeks means full term. You can have a caesarean section at any time after 37 weeks!\” Only then did I know what the concept of full term was. The doctor said: Babies born before 37 weeks are considered premature babies. To be more precise, babies born between 28 weeks and 37 weeks are considered premature babies. Newborns born between 37 weeks and 42 weeks are considered full-term babies, and those born over 42 weeks are considered post-term babies. Doctors generally do not recommend giving birth after 42 weeks, and they need to be induced in advance. In the United States, however, in recent years, the perinatology community in the United States has overturned the concept of \”37 weeks full term.\” An article published in the \”American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology\” stated that \”Newborns born between 39 and 41 weeks are truly full-term babies.\” Their study found that newborns born before 39 weeks were slightly behind in their breathing, hearing and future learning abilities. They are classified as follows: premature infants less than 37 weeks, early infants 37 weeks-38 weeks + 6 days, full-term infants 39 weeks-40 weeks + 6 days, late infants 41 weeks-41 weeks + 6 days, Babies born over 42 weeks are considered post-term. Lesley Regan, a British obstetrician and gynecologist in the United Kingdom, introduced in her book \”Pregnancy Sacred Book\”: Fetuses that have not been delivered beyond the expected date of 40 weeks are considered overdue babies, newborns born between 30 weeks and 37 weeks are premature babies, and babies born between 37 weeks and 37 weeks are considered premature babies. Newborns born at 40 weeks are considered full-term babies. Lesley Regan said: 10% of births in the UK are classified as premature. Premature babies born after 30 weeks are not much different from full-term babies. A quarter of babies born at 26 weeks can survive. , only 1% of babies born at 23 weeks survive. Judging from the development of the fetus, the medical community now advocates delivery after 39 weeks. Especially for women who have to have a caesarean section, it is recommended to be 39 weeks if they can last until 39 weeks. Because the fetus still absorbs immune antibodies from the mother at 39 weeks, the immunity will be stronger after birth. One day in the mother\’s belly is equivalent to 10 days of survival in the outside world. As long as you stay one more day, you will gain an extra 10 grams of weight. However, sometimes the fetus cannot be controlled when it wants to start. As long as it starts on its own, it means that the immune system and respiratory system are ready. What is not recommended is choosing to have a caesarean section too early for a good day when there are no signs. In short, how many weeks into a pregnancy is considered full term? The definition will be different in each country, but if it is ripe and the penis is removed, there is nothing to worry about. If you want to have a caesarean sectionWhen giving birth, you need to choose your gestational age carefully.

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