How much do you know about the whole process of giving birth naturally?

Whenever the word \”natural delivery\” is mentioned, some female friends may take a breath of \”cold air\”. People who have never experienced it will never know the pain of natural childbirth, and most of those who have experienced it do not want to experience it again or even think about it a second time. As we all know, childbirth is generally divided into two categories: \”natural birth\” and \”cesarean section\”. Ultra-complete alpha brainwave music download, essential for how to develop children\’s brain potential. But if the mother\’s age and physical condition meet the requirements for natural delivery, doctors will basically adopt it. Because vaginal delivery has been the most \”natural\” way of delivery since ancient times, it has a certain role in promoting both the recovery of the mother and the development and health of the fetus. Generally speaking, the time it takes for a mother to give birth normally is 6 to 15 hours. For such a long time, the mother needs to be mentally prepared in advance, and she should master certain common sense about normal delivery in advance to avoid making jokes because she does not understand it, or being too panicked and affecting the delivery situation. Next, let us take a look at what steps are involved in normal childbirth, and what should we pay attention to during the process of normal childbirth? First of all, the signs before labor are redness, water breaking, and uterine contractions. These three points are the three signs before labor. First, the mother\’s lower body turns red, then the amniotic fluid ruptures, and there are bursts of uterine contractions. As time goes by, the entire uterine contractions and labor pains, both in frequency and pain, will become higher and higher, making it unbearable. Secondly, preparation before labor. In fact, after the water breaks, the doctor will start to prepare the mother for labor, which is the process of opening the cervix, commonly known as opening the ten fingers. From one finger to ten, from the size of a blueberry to the size of a small watermelon, it is the most painful and torturous process in the entire birth process, which is very distressing. Third, during normal delivery, when the cervix is ​​dilated to a certain extent, formal delivery begins. During a normal delivery, the fetal head is usually delivered first and slowly passes through the birth canal, followed by the fetal body, which slowly slides out of the body. Affected by personal constitution and fetal size, some people have a very smooth delivery at this step, while those with narrow pelvises, weaker constitutions, and larger fetuses tend to suffer more. Finally, the aftermath of the normal delivery waits until the fetus is completely delivered. Many people breathe a sigh of relief and think that the task is finally completed. In fact, the birth of the baby does not mean that the delivery is complete, and there will be certain aftermath treatments in the follow-up. If the placenta is not completely delivered, you will have to face the painful pain of removing the placenta by hand, which is frightening. Even if everything goes smoothly, in order to recover later, doctors often press the mother\’s abdomen regularly, which is unbearable. The above four steps are basically the whole process of natural childbirth. Let’s see how many do you know? Whether it is signs, preparations, or the progress in the middle or the final aftermath, none of it is simple and easy. Every step is very painful and unbearable, and people can\’t help but sigh at the greatness of maternal love. Of course, after we understand the steps of production, we must also take a look at what to do during the production process to make it more conducive to production and reduce pain.bitter. 1. Pay attention to conserving your physical strength and recharge your batteries as much as possible 2. Pay attention to your cooperation as much as possible and don’t use force blindly 3. Pay attention to trusting the doctor and don’t be blindly nervous 4. Pay attention to nutritional supplements to assist in delivery. The pregnancy lasts for ten months. Once you give birth, all the suffering and pain will be gone. The pain breaks out at the last moment. Every mother, at the moment of giving birth, is a god shrouded in glory, struggling to support herself entirely with her own perseverance. I hope that every mother can pay attention to the common sense during pregnancy during the process of giving birth, try her best to trust and cooperate with the doctor, learn to conserve physical strength, prepare sufficient energy food, and provide nutritional supplements at any time. Only in this way can the fetus be delivered smoothly. Of course, if you want your child to be born smoothly and healthily, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to many issues during pregnancy. For example, regular prenatal check-ups, a reasonable diet, proper exercise, a relaxed mind, etc., none of them can be missing. Finally, I hope that every child can be delivered healthily and successfully, and that every family can be happy and harmonious.

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