How much impact do smoking and drinking have on healthy sperm?

How much impact do smoking and drinking have on healthy sperm?

Smoking and alcohol are the enemies of sperm. Many men have developed the habit of smoking and drinking since they were teenagers. Over time, they have become stubborn \”smokers\” or \”alcoholics.\” As everyone knows, they can cause lifelong infertility.

First of all, smoking and alcohol can damage male sexual function, thereby causing male infertility. A Hungarian medical doctor claimed that the number of sperm in the semen of smokers is less than that of non-smokers, and the number of abnormal sperm is higher. Long-term heavy smoking is one of the important factors leading to infertility. Smoking causes damage to arteries in men and is a common risk factor for atherosclerosis. After atherosclerosis, the penile blood pressure index drops significantly and blood input is significantly reduced, thus inducing erectile dysfunction. The impact of drinking alcohol on male sexual function is also very harmful. Alcoholism may reduce male reproductive gland function and cause chromosomal abnormalities in sperm, resulting in fetal malformation or poor development. Methanol can cause gonadal poisoning, severely damage testicular interstitial cells, inhibit testosterone synthesis, reduce androgen levels, and lead to severe erectile dysfunction.

Secondly, smoking and alcohol can directly damage gonads and sperm. Sperm production depends on the function of glands, primarily the testicles. At the same time, sperm production is characterized by rapid proliferation of cell numbers and cell differentiation and maturation. This process requires a large amount of DNA and proteins, and cigarette smoke concentrates contain deoxygenated substances that induce cell distortion and hinder lymphocyte synthesis. RNA, which has a significant impact on spermatogenesis, maturation and the proportion of abnormal sperm. Studies have shown that the proportion of abnormal sperm in the semen of smokers is much higher than that of non-smokers. Alcohol poisons reproductive organs such as testicles, causing a decrease in serum testosterone levels, resulting in loss of sexual desire, sperm abnormalities, and male infertility.

This article is provided by Baidu Reading and is excerpted from \”The Clear \”Conception\” Plan\” Author: Sun Jianqiu and Xie Yingbiao

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