How should parents ask for love from their children?

In the eyes of most children, the affection from their parents is natural and selfless, and it is natural and natural for children to love their parents. But why do some children who grew up in honeypots seem to lack love and filial piety in recent years? They often only love themselves, not their parents, and not caring about others. In fact, love is a kind of ability, and this ability needs to be cultivated. We need our children to know how to love us, so we should first think about whether we really know how to love our children. Some people say that in today\’s era of only children, it is important to teach young parents how to love their children, so that their children can learn how to love their parents. Therefore, if you want your children to know how to love their parents, parents should first learn how to express love. Indeed, many first-time parents don\’t know how to express their love to their children. Some just dote on them, while others still believe that beating and scolding means love. Facts tell us that although parents’ love for their children is natural and comes from the heart, it also requires learning and can subtly affect how children express their love for their parents. As many Chinese parents already know, there is a big difference in the way Chinese and Western parents express love to their children. Chinese parents are not very good at expressing their love for their children in words. Most of their words are implicit and indirect. It is rare to hear them say words such as \”I love you\” and \”I miss you\” to their children. They are also not used to kissing or hugging children to express their love. In Western countries, parents do exactly the opposite. They not only express their love directly with words but also actions. At the same time, they often praise their children enthusiastically and praise them: \”You are the smartest and most beautiful in the world.\” The young man (little girl).\” These cultural differences may also be the reason why many of us do not express love when we grow up and become parents. So today, as material living standards are gradually improving, there are many parents who, although they have few words to express love, dote on their children with a lot of high-end food and toys. As everyone knows, this kind of education method will make children less knowledgeable about cherishing, and it will not help children learn to express love. To teach children how to love, parents must first give love to their children, and clearly express the love that permeates every moment of their lives, so that the children can feel the same and remember it in their hearts. With love, the children will also learn to express love. method. Parents do not need a reason to love their children. However, in this kind of love that does not need a reason, expressing love and passing on love in a timely manner is also the most important love education for children. Does the following example sound familiar to you? On a hot summer day, a young mother took her baby to the market to buy groceries and bought a popsicle for her baby. The baby took a bite and said, \”It\’s so sweet! Mom, try it. It\’s delicious.\” The young woman said, \”You can eat it, Mom is not hot.\” \”No, you have a lot of sweat on your face, just take a bite.\” \”The baby begged, holding up the popsicle. \”The baby is so sensible and knows how to feel sorry for others. Okay, mom, just take a bite.\” The young woman knelt down and took a small bite of the popsicle. Both mother and son had sweet smiles on their faces. \”At the beginning of man\’s life, his nature is good.\” Children who are inexperienced in the world are not selfish at first., many times when children want to share food with their parents, most parents will say: \”I won\’t eat it, let the baby eat it by himself.\” But what these parents don\’t know is that it is this sentence that kills the budding love of their children. . Remember that you accept food from your child and let him learn to share it with others from an early age. This is the easiest way to cultivate filial piety, love and compassion in your child. Children must not be allowed to eat alone. Let us look at the following two examples: When my mother peeled an apple for Niu Niu, she accidentally cut her hand and blood flowed down her fingers. Two-year-old Niuniu stared at her big eyes and was at a loss. Her mother said: \”Hurry up and give your handkerchief to your mother to hold the wound.\” Then her mother found a band-aid to wrap her finger. Niu Niu asked in a low voice: \”Mom, does it hurt?\” Her mother said, \”It hurts a lot. Niu Niu can\’t hold a knife, she will cut her hand.\” Niu Niu nodded sensibly, and her mother lost no time in requesting: \”Good boy, come and give me a blowjob.\” Niu Niu raised her mouth and blew gently while saying: \”Don\’t be afraid, it won\’t hurt if you blow it.\” Her father was sick and lying on the bed. 5-year-old Yang Yang came over and said, \”Dad, are you feeling uncomfortable? I\’ll give it to you.\” Can you get me a glass of water?\” \”Go and play! Don\’t bother me.\” Dad said angrily. Mom also came over to pull Yang Yang, \”Go to the living room and watch TV. Don\’t ask dad to infect you.\” During the meal, Yang Yang said, \”I\’ll serve dad a bowl of porridge.\” \”Farewell, how can you serve it? Your dad can\’t. You\’re hungry, you eat first. There will be cartoons on TV later.\” The mother coaxed her son to the dinner table with a few words. The mother and son stopped paying attention to the patients in the room and started eating by themselves. From the above examples, it is not difficult for parents to discover that kindness and compassion are children’s nature. Natural expressions of innate love are common in children during early childhood. But if they are not well cultivated, their love will gradually disappear. Therefore, parents must not let go of any opportunity that can help cultivate their children\’s love, always pay attention to guiding and training their children to care for others, and seize the opportunity to \”ask\” love from their children. This is the choice of smart parents. There is another example that can also inspire parents: a father picks up his son from kindergarten after get off work. He hugged his son while walking and said: \”It\’s the Chinese New Year, and today our unit is doing a general cleaning.\” The son asked: \”What is a general cleaning?\” \”It means sweeping the floor, wiping tables and chairs, wiping glass, and taking out the trash.\” Dad explained. \”Is dad tired?\” Eryu asked again. \”Of course I\’m tired, my back hurts.\” Dad said exaggeratedly. The two-year-old son twisted his body and said, \”Put me down and I\’ll walk by myself.\” The father let go of his hand, and the son started to walk with his legs, and said loudly, \”Look, I can walk, I\’m not tired!\” In reality Although some parents have many hardships in life and physical illness, they always try their best to hide it in front of their children, mistakenly thinking that this is love for their children, but they do not know that in fact they are depriving their children of the opportunity to think about others, which in turn will harm their children. There is joy in life only when there is suffering. Parents should not deliberately hide the other side of life. Instead, they should let their children learn to share your hardships and pains from an early age and understand that life cannot be smooth sailing. Only when they grow up will they cherish the life in front of them and treat them with kindness. Caring for others with a sincere heart. Finally, teach your children to understand that family affection is the most important thingA required course. Parents are the sowers of love. Everything parents do should let their children understand that they receive love from their parents and must repay love in return. Only children who are caring, kind-hearted and good-natured can become young people who will be beneficial to Duhui in the future. Parents do not need to give blindly, but occasionally need to take the initiative to ask for rewards from their children. In this way, children can not only get the training of love, but also know how to understand others. Through hard work, I gradually learned to consider others. Parents can use toys or small animals at home to develop the love in their children\’s nature. For example, they can tell their children that flowers, plants, trees and small animals are all alive, and we must take care of them. In such a situation, children\’s love will continue to grow. Germination and growth; parents can also let their children share their good things with everyone at home, such as delicious food or new toys, and encourage children to give them to other children to eat and play with. Finally, more communication with children cannot be ignored. Children must be truly regarded as members of the family. No matter whose affairs it is in the family, you can selectively discuss it with your children, so that they can learn to think from their perspective, and then they can gradually Know how to be considerate of others. \”Bad\” parents remind everyone that parents can enjoy their children\’s care and love for them. Parents can also intentionally let their children listen to more stories about family relationships, or watch more movies describing family relationships, so that their children can realize the depth and importance of family relationships. Parents can also say \”Baby, we love you\” to their children every day. At the same time, children are also encouraged to express love to themselves in the same way, such as teaching them to say \”Mom, I love you, you have worked hard\”, etc.

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