How to deal with uterine corneal pregnancy

Corneal pregnancy refers to the embryo implanting in the uterine horn. This situation can easily lead to uterine rupture and massive bleeding, seriously threatening the life safety of pregnant women. Therefore, the treatment of uterine corneal pregnancy needs to be timely, accurate and effective. Let’s learn more about it below. Conservative treatment: For early uterine cornual pregnancy (less than 6 weeks of pregnancy), if there are no symptoms or the symptoms are mild, conservative treatment can be adopted. Specific measures include: (1) Observation: Regular review of gynecological B-ultrasound to observe the pregnancy status and risk of uterine rupture. (2) Bed rest: avoid overexertion and sexual life, reduce the amount of activity, and keep your mood comfortable. (3) Drug treatment: Oral progesterone or injection of drugs such as human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) to promote embryonic development and fixation. However, it should be noted that conservative treatment is not suitable for all patients with uterine corneal pregnancy and can only be tried in the early stages of pregnancy and when symptoms are mild. Surgical treatment: Surgical treatment is necessary for patients with uterine corneal pregnancy who are late in pregnancy or have obvious symptoms. Surgical methods include: (1) Cornectomy: remove the uterine horn on the affected side and remove the pregnancy tissue at the same time. Reasons and solutions for picky eaters in children (2) Total hysterectomy: For patients who have completed childbirth or no longer need to have children, total hysterectomy can be performed to completely solve the problem of uterine horn pregnancy. The advantage of surgical treatment is that the treatment effect is significant and the condition can be resolved quickly. However, the risk of surgery is relatively high and the patient needs to be fully evaluated and prepared before surgery. MRI-guided local injection therapy In recent years, MRI-guided local injection therapy has been gradually used in the treatment of uterine corneal pregnancy. This treatment method uses MRI technology to accurately locate and inject drugs, which can achieve the effects of conservative treatment and surgical treatment while avoiding the risks and complications of surgery. In general, the treatment of uterine corneal pregnancy needs to be selected according to the specific situation of the patient. Patients in the early stage can be treated conservatively, while patients in the late stage or with obvious symptoms must undergo surgical treatment. No matter which treatment method is adopted, it needs to be carried out under the guidance of a doctor, and comprehensive evaluation and preparation must be carried out to ensure the treatment effect and patient safety.

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