How to eat during pregnancy to keep the fetus long and not gain weight

During pregnancy, many mothers will worry about the problem of postpartum body recovery. They worry that their figure will be out of shape and that it will be difficult to recover in the future. In fact, as long as the mother does a good job of \”growing a baby but not gaining weight\” during pregnancy, postpartum recovery can also be smooth. Wanting to have a \”long fetus but not fat\” during pregnancy, the young mother actually went on a diet. Xiao Jin is a young expectant mother. Before she got pregnant, Xiao Jin was beautiful and in good shape. However, since she became pregnant, her belly has bulged and her whole body has become bloated. This makes Xiao Jin, who loves beauty, very distressed. He is worried about whether he will be able to regain his original figure in the future. In order to achieve the goal of \”having a long pregnancy but not growing fat\”, Xiao Jin has also worked hard. Now she is only five months pregnant and has to start dieting to lose weight. After learning of Xiao Jin\’s plan, the whole family scolded her for being ignorant. Is it possible to do it just for the sake of beauty? Can I just ignore it? Whether it is a young new mother or an experienced mother, they all hope to achieve a \”long fetus without gaining weight\” during pregnancy and hope to get back in shape as soon as possible after delivery. But even so, mothers should not ignore it. Dieting and weight loss are not approved. In fact, if you want to get back in shape as soon as possible after childbirth, if you want to control your weight during pregnancy, and do a good job of \”growing a baby but not gaining weight\”, you must clearly understand the changes in weight at each stage of pregnancy, and be psychologically aware, and you will be able to control your weight easily. . Weight changes during pregnancy ① Most pregnant mothers’ bodies will not change much in the first trimester, and their weight may increase by 2 to 3 pounds. However, if the pregnant mother has severe morning sickness and decreases her food intake, she may lose weight. ② During the second trimester, pregnant mothers experience the greatest and most obvious changes in body shape and weight. Pregnant mothers will gain half a pound to one pound of weight every week, perhaps because their morning sickness has eased. Many mothers will have a very heavy appetite at this stage. Okay, pregnant mothers can pay attention. ③ In the third trimester of pregnancy, because the fetus develops relatively quickly at this stage, it will gain one pound almost every week. If the pregnant mother is obese, she may need to control it a little. [The most complete and best sound quality in history] 32 sets of 100 must-listen prenatal education music for free in late pregnancy. Generally speaking, during the period of pregnancy, it is best for pregnant mothers to control their weight at about 22 to 26 pounds. On the one hand, it is so that they can be as soon as possible after delivery. Restoring the body shape, on the other hand, is to control the size of the baby and prevent the baby from being too big and difficult to give birth to. If a pregnant mother wants to \”grow a fetus but not gain weight\” during pregnancy, she needs to exercise and eat, so here are some tips on these two aspects! Tips for \”long fetuses but not meat\” during pregnancy 1. Diet tip 1: Meal order. In order to control the food intake, pregnant mothers can adjust their dining habits, such as eating vegetables first, then eating meat, and finally eating some staple food. , which allows you to eat more vegetables. Tip 2: Eat less condiments, and a light diet is particularly important. Therefore, pregnant mothers need to eat less foods with strong flavors. Their daily diet should be less salt, oil, and sugar, especially some thickened and viscous soups. Tip 3: Choose fresh ingredients, whether it is vegetables, fruits, meat, eggs, or fish. Tip 4: Reduce eating out. Nowadays, many young families choose to take out or eat out. Not only is it delicious and convenient, but it is still recommended that pregnant mothers eat home-cooked meals as much as possible. Although the food outside is delicious, it is heavy in oil, salt and taste, and the ingredientsWe can\’t guarantee freshness, especially for some stuffed foods, which we can\’t tell the difference. Even for the sake of good health, we should eat less takeout or eat out less. 2. In terms of exercise, it is very important to do appropriate exercise during pregnancy. Exercise during pregnancy can prevent weight gain during pregnancy, and can also enhance physical fitness, which is beneficial to future childbirth. In particular, the following exercises are especially suitable for pregnant mothers during pregnancy. ① Walking is the simplest and most suitable form of exercise for pregnant women. Pregnant mothers can exercise whether in the park or downstairs at home. ② Aerobics and yoga, these two sports are very suitable for pregnant mothers, especially yoga, which can also help pregnant mothers relax their body and mind. However, these two sports need to be carried out under the guidance of professionals. Mothers should not do it easily at home. try. ③ Swimming. Swimming can exercise the muscles of the whole body of the pregnant mother and relieve the fatigue caused by pregnancy. However, if you want to swim during pregnancy, the pregnant mother needs to carefully choose the swimming venue and pay attention to hygiene. Looking at other pregnant women with slender limbs and only long belly, pregnant mothers don’t have to be too envious. After all, everyone’s physical condition is different. During pregnancy, we mainly focus on health. As long as the weight is controlled within a reasonable range.

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