How to give birth correctly

In daily life, many people know very little about the birth process. Many people think that it is like \”yelling\” like a scene in a TV series. In fact, mothers who have given birth know that doctors are not allowed to enter the delivery room. Yelling (not only cannot shouting, but also during the period from regular uterine contractions to full opening of the uterine cavity, you should eat small amounts of high-calorie digestible foods, such as chocolate, red bull, etc. to replenish energy), because the entire production process is extremely long and It will consume a lot of energy, and the shouting process will also consume energy, so shouting is not allowed. In the medical field, childbirth is divided into three stages of labor (what pregnant women should do in each of the three stages of labor): The first stage of labor (from regular uterine contractions to full dilation of the cervix, no more than 22 hours for first-time mothers, no more than 16 hours for multiparous women). In principle, the mother is not required to exert force during the first stage of labor. During uterine contractions, she can take a big breath and a deep breath to hold it in (slowly), and exert downward force evenly. During the interval between contractions, the mother should seize the time to rest and replenish energy. , waiting for the cervix to fully open. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! During the second stage of labor (from full dilatation of the cervix to the delivery of the fetus), the mother should stand on the delivery bed with both feet, hold the handrails of the delivery bed with both hands, take a deep breath during contractions, and then hold her breath downwards as if defecating. Increase abdominal pressure. During the interval between uterine contractions, the mother exhales and relaxes the muscles of the whole body. During this labor process, the doctor will assist in the delivery of the fetus, and pregnant women should cooperate with the doctor in holding their breath and exerting force. Do not use force when the fetal head is delivered to prevent the sudden bursting of the fetal head from causing tearing and serious injury. Just continue to cooperate during the third stage of labor (delivery of the placenta), no special requirements. (Mothers often feel hot fluids.) There is a hymn like this that describes the practice of childbirth. When holding your breath, you need to hold your breath for a period of time. Breathe slowly and do not seek to be fast, but to have a peaceful mind. A smooth delivery for mother and child, and for the whole family to be happy.

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