How to give birth to a baby with beautiful facial features

After many long calls and ten long months of waiting, the \”little princess\” An An was finally welcomed. But when she saw some pink birthmarks at the corners of her daughter\’s eyes, her mother instantly became unhappy and even started to worry. You know, girls love beauty the most, and the birthmark at the corner of the eye is really an eyesore. Fortunately, I communicated with the doctor later and after some examination, it was confirmed that it was just a birthmark. When the daughter grows up a little, it can be completely removed through professional techniques. But even so, An An\’s mother still blamed herself for a long time, always feeling that these problems occurred because she was not careful during pregnancy. Download the 40-week pregnancy manual [PDF+TXT version] It is natural for women to love beauty. Even during pregnancy, they want to stay in their best condition. Especially in this era of \”face-consciousness\”, many pregnant mothers wear exquisite makeup. In principle, wearing makeup occasionally during pregnancy does not have much impact, but there are always exceptions to everything. The birthmark on An An\’s face is due to her mother wearing makeup every day during pregnancy. During the pregnancy, my mother did not suffer from morning sickness and was relatively healthy, so she continued to go to work. It is precisely because of this that An An\’s mother blames herself so much, always feeling that it is because of herself that her daughter\’s appearance has been affected. During pregnancy, if you want your baby to be more beautiful, you must restrain yourself from these things 1. Eat less spicy food. For pregnant mothers, you must pay attention to your diet during pregnancy. Healthy food can not only ensure your own nutrition, but also provide better nutrition for your baby\’s development. Nutritious. It’s just that many pregnant mothers are too inclined to spicy and exciting foods. Little do they know that these foods will harm the gastrointestinal health of pregnant mothers and increase the burden on the body. Metabolism is originally affected during pregnancy, and these foods that are not metabolized in time will form toxins in the body. Over time, these toxins will also affect the baby\’s health, resulting in the formation of birthmarks. 2. Play less electronic products. Pregnancy is too boring. Many pregnant mothers spend all night watching TV shows, either on their mobile phones or tablets. It is undeniable that electronic products have indeed added countless fun to the boring pregnancy period, and are most suitable for killing time. But pregnant mothers have overlooked one thing, that is, the radiation of electronic products is too high, and the consequences are endless. Pregnant mothers are adults, so the effects of electronic radiation are difficult to see. But babies in the developmental stage are not so lucky. They are likely to be affected by radiation, and many unsightly marks will appear. 3. Go to crowded places less often. Many pregnant mothers like to be busy. After pregnancy, they also like to go to crowded places and cannot rest for a moment. Little do they know that places with dense crowds actually have the best risk factor. Those injuries that are invisible to the naked eye will attack the fetus, which is scary just thinking about it. Places with many people are not friendly to pregnant mothers, and collisions are inevitable. Coupled with the harmful substances in the air, the damage has become double. For the sake of health, it is better to go to open places with fewer people. 4. Use less medicine or supplements. Pregnant mothers will also get sick. Most of the time, it is not recommended to take medicine privately. If you really can\’t bear it, you must see a doctor, and then use medicine reasonably and healthily under the guidance of a professional doctor. Another thing is, don’t take so-called supplements casually, because every pregnant mother’s body is different, so avoid self-defeating. During the entire pregnancy, don’t be casualTake medication, and don’t use supplements casually. It seems to be for the good of the body, but in fact a lot of harm has been hidden. For the health of the fetus and baby, you still need to use medicines and supplements with caution. During pregnancy, don’t take care of yourself. In order to give birth to a healthy and beautiful baby, pregnant mothers must learn to “restrain”. Not only should you keep your mouth shut, but you should also pay attention to your desire for beauty. You can choose healthy skin care products, but you should still consider makeup carefully. If you want your baby to be healthier and more beautiful, pregnant mothers should work harder in three aspects: 1. In terms of diet, pregnant mothers should have a reasonable diet, including plenty of vegetables, fruits and whole grains. Only a diversified diet can ensure diversified nutrients. There is no need to eat food that is too nutritious. The body cannot absorb it and will instead turn it into fat, leading to a crazy increase in weight during pregnancy. 2. In terms of exercise, after pregnancy, it is indeed necessary to reduce exercise appropriately, but what I want to talk about here is strenuous exercise. If you want to be healthier for yourself and your baby, pregnant mothers still need to exercise, at least not lie in bed all the time. If that doesn\’t work, you can take more walks to surround yourself with nature and absorb more fresh air. CCTV recommends over 500 high-scoring excellent documentaries. Children will become addicted to self-discipline after watching them. 3. Even if you are not pregnant, staying up late is terrible, let alone during pregnancy? Therefore, you must have a regular schedule during pregnancy. Never stay up late, let alone be tired for a long time. Adequate rest time can relieve the discomfort of pregnant mothers and give the fetus more time to grow. Written at the end: Pregnancy is not as painful as imagined. As long as the pregnant mother finds things that make her relaxed and happy, she will actually be very happy every day. Especially as the baby grows, counting its movements every day is a different kind of happiness.

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