How to give birth to a good-looking baby

The first is beans. Legumes are very abundant, such as soybeans, lentils, peas, sword beans, broad beans, groundnuts, etc. The nutritional value of beans is very high. Our country\’s traditional diet emphasizes that \”grains are suitable for nutrition, and the absence of beans is bad.\” This means that grains are nutritious, but without beans, the balance will be lost. The soy isoflavones contained in beans, also known as phytoestrogens, can make up for the lack of estrogen secretion in women after the age of 30, improve skin moisture and elasticity, and are one of the important foods to improve the appearance of the fetus. However, it should be noted that although beans are good, they are not easy to digest. Pregnant mothers should boil the food until soft or make it into soy milk to facilitate digestion and absorption. The second category is fruits and vegetables. Fruit and vegetables are the abbreviation of vegetables and fruits. They are very rich in categories and can meet the diverse taste needs of pregnant women. [The most complete and best sound quality in history] 32 sets of 100 must-listen late-pregnancy music for free. Fruits and vegetables are also very rich in nutrients, including vitamins, organic acids and carbohydrates. Vitamins can whiten the skin, and organic acids can improve the quality of the skin. The skin texture, and the pectin in carbohydrates can make the skin elastic. If pregnant women eat more, the skin of the fetus will become smooth, delicate and elastic, and the baby will be beautiful. However, remember that there are also particularities in the consumption of fruits and vegetables. Buying and eating them now is the best way to obtain the nutrition of fruits and vegetables. In winter, you can heat the fruits before eating them to protect your stomach. The third category is milk. Milk is one of the oldest natural drinks, known as \”white blood\”, and its importance to the human body can be imagined. The pure protein content in milk is high, and drinking milk regularly can improve your beauty. Milk is rich in vitamin A, which can prevent dryness and dullness of the skin and make the skin white and shiny. Milk contains a large amount of B2, which can promote skin metabolism. The whey in milk has the effect of eliminating melanin and can prevent and treat spots caused by various pigmentation. If a pregnant mother drinks a glass of milk in the morning and evening, the fetus will naturally have good skin. However, people with lactose intolerance should not drink milk on an empty stomach. These people will develop \”lactose intolerance\” after drinking milk on an empty stomach, which means they will experience varying degrees of bloating, abdominal pain, borborygmire, and even diarrhea.

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