How to judge pregnancy by touching belly

Feeling your belly is a common way to determine pregnancy, but it is not a scientifically reliable method. Pregnancy does cause some physical changes, including changes in the abdomen, but these changes are the result of a variety of factors. You cannot judge whether you are pregnant just by feeling your belly. Below we will introduce in detail some scientific pregnancy judgment methods. Get regular pregnancy check-ups: After pregnancy, a woman’s body will produce a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which can increase rapidly in the body. Regular pregnancy check-ups can be done to determine whether you are pregnant by testing the hCG content in your blood or urine. Use pregnancy test strips: There are many pregnancy test strips on the market that can be used at home. These test strips use urine to detect hCG levels to determine pregnancy. The method of use is simple and easy to operate, but you need to pay attention to choosing a reliable brand and following the instructions for use. Pay attention to changes in the body: After pregnancy, a series of changes will occur in a woman\’s body, such as breast swelling and pain, deepening of nipple color, delayed menstruation, etc. These changes are not conclusive proof, but if you experience multiple physical changes, you may want to consider a pregnancy test. Seek help from your doctor: If a pregnancy test comes back negative but you still suspect you might be pregnant, you can seek help from your doctor. Doctors can perform more detailed tests, such as ultrasounds, to confirm pregnancy. It should be noted that the method of judging pregnancy is not absolutely reliable, and different people\’s physical and physiological conditions will also lead to differences in judgment results. If you have concerns about pregnancy, it is best to seek help from a doctor promptly to obtain an accurate diagnosis. In addition, we also want to remind everyone that pregnancy is an important matter. If you want to be pregnant or do not want to be pregnant, please take appropriate contraceptive measures or seek medical consultation in time.

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