How to prepare for pregnancy and what preparations you need to do

In TV dramas, pregnancy seems to be very easy, and you get it in one go. In reality, many people know that it is not easy to conceive a baby. Many people think that preparing for pregnancy is just about having sex. If your parents and elders are pressing you hard and there is nothing you can do, then just \”work overtime\” and you will always hit the mark. But even though the shift was overtime, there was no movement in the stomach at all. She was already very tired, which actually affected her conception even more. In fact, preparing for pregnancy is not just about having sex. It also requires the right time, place, right people, and doing the right thing at the right time. Preparing for pregnancy is to better achieve prenatal and postnatal care. Therefore, there are certainly many things that cannot be done during pregnancy preparation, and there are also many things that require more attention. Otherwise, it will affect your own fertility. Let’s talk about preparing for pregnancy. The complete collection of potential development of children aged 0-6 years old and the cultivation of babies with high EQ and IQ. Not long ago, the top international journal \”The Lancet\” published three articles in a row calling for \”preparing for pregnancy may take years instead of 3 months.\” Pregnancy preparation as we know it refers to reducing or eliminating various risk factors by assessing and improving the health status of couples planning pregnancy in the 3 months before pregnancy. In the view of The Lancet, 3 months is too short. For example, it may take months or even years for couples of childbearing age to reach a healthy weight. This means that it is not enough to improve your health and lifestyle just a few months before or during pregnancy. You should start laying a good foundation for your health years before you plan to become pregnant. But even if pregnancy preparations continue for a long time, many couples still say that they have not seen a happy pulse. Excluding those force majeure factors, is your plan to create a baby really feasible? Will you really prepare for pregnancy? The following five points are very important, you should read them carefully! 1 The best childbearing age is still recommended to have children at the best childbearing age. It is not good to have a baby either too early or too late. It is not good for the expectant mother and her child if the expectant mother is not mature yet. If it is too late, the quality of sperm and eggs will decrease, the chance of chromosomal mutation will increase, and the chance of good pregnancy will inevitably decrease. The best childbearing age for women is between 22 and 35 years old. After a woman reaches the age of 35, the number of eggs decreases, the quality of the eggs decreases, and the ovarian function decreases as the woman ages. The chance of pregnancy drops significantly. The chance of pregnancy drops significantly after the age of 40. more significant. 2. Good lifestyle A woman\’s lifestyle also has a great impact on fertility. Whether you have bad habits such as smoking and alcoholism, whether you stay up late every day, whether you have an unbalanced diet, and whether you go on a diet to lose weight, these will seriously affect a woman\’s fertility. In particular, smoking and drinking alcohol will affect the health of a woman\’s uterus and ovaries, reduce fertility, and may also cause baby deformities. 3. Appropriate exercise. Appropriate participation in physical exercise during pregnancy preparation can enhance women’s physique, promote body metabolism, coordinate and improve the functions of various body systems, and provide high-quality egg cells for fertilized eggs. However, strenuous exercise or excessive exercise will reduce the chance of pregnancy. Women who are preparing for pregnancy should choose appropriate sports and the time should be moderate. They can do some jogging, yoga and other types of exercises, and take a moderate rest, so that they can exercise while exercising.This ensures that pregnancy preparation is not affected. 4. If you are in a good mental state and are overly stressed and anxious for a long time, it will lead to an increase in the secretion of nerve substances such as prolactin and dopamine, which will inhibit the brain from releasing substances that regulate fertility functions, thereby causing endocrine dysfunction, ovulation disorders or non-ovulation in women, resulting in a more severe disease. If you want to get pregnant, it will be harder to get pregnant. As usual, we can travel more or develop hobbies to divert our attention. 5 Health problems such as polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis and uterine fibroids can affect a woman\’s chances of becoming pregnant or having a successful pregnancy. Women with autoimmune diseases, such as lupus or rheumatoid arthritis, may also have difficulty conceiving because their bodies may reject fertilized eggs or attack their partner\’s sperm.

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