How to protect your fetus in early pregnancy and what foods to eat

If you are pregnant and the fetus is unstable, but you don’t want to go to the hospital, how can a pregnant mother protect her fetus? Doudehui recommends that everyone eat these foods that can prevent miscarriage. Foods that are good for miscarriage during pregnancy 1. Seaweed Seaweed is sweet, salty and cold in nature. It has the effects of resolving phlegm and softening hardness, clearing away heat and diuresis, nourishing the kidneys and nourishing the heart. Used for goiter, edema, chronic bronchitis, cough, athlete\’s foot, hypertension, etc. River eel is rich in various nutrients and has the functions of nourishing deficiency, nourishing blood, removing dampness, and fighting tuberculosis. It is a good nutritional product for patients with chronic illness, weakness, anemia, tuberculosis, etc. The recommended cooking method in daily life is seaweed and shrimp skin egg soup, because shrimp skin is also a good calcium supplement. 2. Spinach Spinach is rich in folic acid. The folic acid content of spinach is as high as 350 micrograms per 100 grams, ranking first among vegetables. The greatest function of folic acid is to protect the fetus from neurological malformations such as spinal cord splitting, hydrocephalus, and anencephaly. 3. Eating fish regularly can prevent premature birth. As the pregnancy period of pregnant women is extended, the average birth weight of babies is 107 grams higher than in other areas, which lays a good foundation for future development. Therefore, you should eat more fish during pregnancy. 4. Beans Beans are also a good food during pregnancy. You can add black beans, white kidney beans, black and white pinto beans, lentils, cowpeas, chickpeas, or soybeans to your diet. Try making spicy beans, using the beans in soups or adding them to salads and pasta. In addition to providing protein and fiber, they are also rich in key nutrients such as iron, folate, calcium and zinc. What is the Life Guide for Pregnant Women and Expectant Mothers PDF 5. Animal liver symptoms: Pregnant women are prone to physiological anemia, which may lead to anemia during pregnancy or premature delivery. Recommendation: The liver of various animals has high iron content, but you can eat it once a week. 6. Function of yam: tonifying the kidneys, tonifying the lungs and spleen, and conducive to nourishing the fetus. Recipes for pregnant women to protect their fetuses: 1. Nutritional analysis of crucian carp and ginger kernel soup for preventing fetuses: This soup can prevent fetuses, stop vomiting, and wake up the stomach. It has a good effect on women with persistent vomiting and uneasy fetal movements during pregnancy; at the same time, it can increase the appetite of pregnant women. Preparation method: ① Remove the scales, internal organs, and wash the crucian carp; wash the spring amomum villosum, drain, grind into powder, and add the fish maw; peel the ginger, wash, cut into shreds, and set aside. ② Wash the stew pot, put the fish in it, then add the shredded ginger, cover the pot, simmer for 2 hours, add lard, refined salt, and MSG to taste, stew for a while, and then eat. 2. Ingredients for mugwort leaf and egg soup recipe: 50 grams of mugwort leaves, 2 eggs, and appropriate amount of sugar. Preparation method: add mugwort leaves with appropriate amount of water to make soup, add eggs and cook until cooked, add sugar and dissolve. Applicable people: Pregnant women. Health Tip: Take it every night before going to bed. Warming the kidneys and relieving miscarriage. Suitable for habitual abortion. I hope that the above foods that can help pregnant mothers preserve their fetus can help all pregnant mothers.

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