How to relieve anxiety and prepare for pregnancy to make it easier to get pregnant

I have to say that pregnancy does have a certain probability. For some, it is as easy as going downstairs to buy groceries, while for others it is as difficult as buying a lottery ticket. For example, when I was pregnant with Dabao, I went through a relatively long period of preparation for pregnancy. During the pregnancy preparation period, my mood will inevitably go up and down. For example, when I see someone who is preparing for pregnancy at the same time announce the good news, or someone in my circle of relatives announces the news of childbirth, etc., I will become more and more anxious. Later, with the guidance of a friend who is a psychologist, I figured out this truth. Negative and anxious emotions are not helpful in preparing for pregnancy, so why bother myself? After completely relaxing my mind, I didn\’t even think about preparing for pregnancy. Two or three months later, the good news came. I was finally pregnant with my baby. At that moment, I felt quite surprised. My second pregnancy went smoothly, and now I have two lovely babies. Of course, it is easy to say that we, pregnant mothers, should relax our minds, but in fact it is very difficult to do! Now, as someone who has experienced it, I would like to talk about how to relieve anxiety during pregnancy. (1) Make good health preparations. The remaining time to prepare for pregnancy includes physical and psychological tests. Develop the potential of children aged 0-6 years old and develop a baby with high EQ and IQ. In terms of physiology, I suggest that expectant parents should complete a systematic examination before preparing for pregnancy to rule out physical causes. After making good health preparations, the rest is Give it time. I had been preparing for pregnancy for a long time but had not gotten pregnant. I was worried that I and my husband had some health problems. Then I suddenly became distraught and went to the hospital for a full-body checkup. It turned out that neither of us had any physical problems at all, so I was almost out of luck. Psychologically, we also try not to have a \”glass heart\”. It is true that good news will come out in one or two months after making a pregnancy plan. But after all, they are a minority. Generally speaking, it takes three months to half a year, or even more than a year. I often hinted to myself like this, and my mentality became much calmer. During pregnancy preparation, it is really important to have a stable mentality. Don\’t compete with yourself about pregnancy. Everyone\’s individual situation is different, so the time to conceive is also different. Women paying too much attention to external factors not only cause emotional distress to themselves, but can also easily lead to endocrine disorders, ovulation cycle disorders, and increase the difficulty of pregnancy. (2) Learn to divert your attention and develop hobbies. Stress is sometimes a mysterious thing. The more you regard pregnancy as your only business, the more pressure you will feel. An old colleague of mine quit her job to focus on \”making a baby\” at home in order to successfully implement her pregnancy plan. However, after waiting for half a year, there was no good news, and her life lost its normal routine for a time. Later, she simply changed her mind and found a job that was not too hard from 9 to 5. She went to and from work, and occasionally socialized with colleagues. Unexpectedly, there was good news within two months. Many of my friends are like this. I believe that expectant mothers who are struggling to conceive can also use this method to conceive their babies. Therefore, when preparing for pregnancy, you must learn to divert your attention. You can try to develop your own hobbies, such as reading, painting, listening to music, or learning to cook. Don\’t let yourself have random thoughts, and wait for the arrival of pregnancy with a calm mood. (3) Maintain good living habits forPreparing for Pregnancy When I was preparing to conceive a baby, I often couldn\’t sleep at night and couldn\’t wake up during the day due to my mood. I had a reverse schedule day and night, and the quality of my sleep was not good. I felt groggy and in a particularly bad state. Later, I adjusted myself and insisted on getting up early and going to bed early. I also arranged 30 minutes of outdoor activity time for myself every day. One hour after meals, I walked along the street to relax. The healthy lifestyle of both husband and wife is to prepare for pregnancy. In addition to getting up early and going to bed early, you should also pay attention to staying away from tobacco and alcohol, second-hand smoke and radiation environments. It is also best to start oral folic acid for both parties three months in advance of the pregnancy plan. Women preparing for pregnancy should learn to relieve stress and not take \”failed pregnancy\” as their own fault. Frank communication between husband and wife can not only help relieve stress, but also help grow relationships. If there is pressure from elders in the family, you can openly and honestly \”talk\” to the elders, explain the negative pressure caused by the elders\’ \”excessive concern\”, and ask the elders to give the young couple appropriate free time. Please believe that after you are physically and mentally prepared, your baby will definitely meet you unexpectedly!

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