How to treat discharge from baby\’s belly button? This may require surgery…

Question 1: My baby has water in his belly button. It started when he was three months old. Now he is seven months old and has water again after the scab fell off. The usual use of iodine does not help. I don’t know what to do? Dr. Cui Lixia’s answer: It is recommended to seek medical examination from a pediatric surgeon to see if there is umbilical leak. Umbilical leak is detected by B-ultrasound. If confirmed, it can be treated with surgery now, but it also needs to be treated immediately, because oral drugs have little effect. The surgery required general anesthesia because the child was so young. Question 2: My baby went to the photo studio to take pictures yesterday. He was very uncooperative and cried too much. He started coughing when he was crying in the photo studio. After he came out, he coughed and had phlegm. He coughed even though there was phlegm in his throat all night. He didn’t have a fever. There is a sound in my throat and it feels like there is a lot of phlegm. Is it okay to drink more water? Need treatment? Doctor Wang Yanli’s answer: If your child cries too much, his throat will feel red, dry and itchy. You can give your child water or some pear water. If it doesn’t get worse after two days, continue drinking water. If it gets worse, go to the hospital. Check to see if there is a throat infection. Question 3: My baby was just 25 days old. He was hospitalized due to a cold and cough and was found to have congenital heart disease. The ventricular septal defect was 2mm and the atrial septal defect was 3mm. Is this considered serious? Is there any possibility of self-healing? Dr. Luo Zhen’s answer: This condition cannot be said to be congenital heart disease. It may heal on its own or may not affect the neonatal hemodynamic stability. It is recommended that a cardiac color ultrasound be reviewed every three months.

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