How to use pregnancy test stick? How long does it take for a pregnancy test to be detected and how to use it

How to use pregnancy test stick? Do you really know how to use it? Many married women will doubt whether they are pregnant when they miss their period. If they want to test whether they are pregnant at home, a pregnancy test stick is the best tool. So is the pregnancy test accurate at night? What is a pregnancy test? The pregnancy test stick is a type of in vitro diagnostic product. The so-called test is to use the pregnancy test stick to detect human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the urine. HCG is a hormone secreted by the placenta of pregnant women. It is distributed throughout the body with the blood, thereby acting on target organs. There is also a certain concentration of HCG in the urine. It is based on the double-antibody sandwich principle to conduct qualitative or semi-quantitative detection of HCG in urine to determine whether you are pregnant. Director Ju Xiuling said that some pregnancy test products are not 100% accurate because certain diseases may also cause the concentration of HCG in the body to increase, resulting in false positive results. Is the measurement accurate at night? If you want to know whether the pregnancy test stick is accurate, you must first understand its testing principle. The pregnancy test principle of the pregnancy test stick is to test the human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) content in the human body to determine whether the human body is pregnant, because the human chorionic gonadotropin content in a woman\’s body will increase after pregnancy. The so-called urine test of the pregnancy test stick uses the HCG contained in the urine of pregnant women to check. If the test is positive, it proves pregnancy. The reason why it is recommended to use morning urine for urine testing is because morning urine contains the highest HCG content and is easy to detect. However, as long as the woman is pregnant, her urine also contains a higher amount of HCG. Therefore, as long as it is a pregnancy test stick or pregnancy test paper produced by a regular manufacturer, and the tester correctly follows the test steps and requirements, non-morning urine can also accurately test whether you are pregnant, that is to say, use the pregnancy test stick at night. It can also be measured accurately. When is the most accurate time to use a pregnancy test? Usually the most accurate test is to use a pregnancy test stick when menstruation is delayed 7 to 10 days, because the pregnancy test stick mainly detects the content of HCG in the urine of women of childbearing age to determine whether they are pregnant. Since there are certain differences in the amount of HCG discharged by different women, Using a pregnancy test stick too early is likely to give inaccurate test results. The concentration of HCG in a woman\’s urine is highest when menstruation is delayed for 7 to 10 days, so the test results are often the most accurate. How to use pregnancy test stick? 1 Pregnancy test sticks are mostly used by women of childbearing age who are sexually active and have basic menstrual periods, when their menstrual period is delayed for about ten days. 2. The specimen with the most accurate measurement results is the first urine discharged in the morning. If you are really pregnant, then the HCG content in this morning urine is the highest, so the result is the most reliable. 3Urine should be collected in clean and dry containers to avoid affecting the measurement results. 4. When using the pregnancy test stick, you must first read the marks and arrows marked on the pregnancy test stick, as well as the instructions on the packaging. Do not immerse the wrong end in the urine, otherwise you will not be able to get the result. 5. The maximum soaking line will be marked on the pregnancy test stick. Do not exceed this range, otherwise the measurement results will be invalid. 6. Soak the pregnancy test stick for the time specified on the package, take it out, and observe the red line that appears on the stick during the validity period of the result. not anyA red line means that the test result is invalid, the squad leader (one line) is not pregnant, and the squadron leader (two lines) proves that she is pregnant. TIPS for using pregnancy test sticks: 1. Check whether the pregnancy test stick has expired. 2. Read the instructions carefully before taking a pregnancy test. 3. Try to use the first urine test in the morning. Hormone levels at this time are easiest to detect. 4. Don’t drink too much water, as this will dilute hormone levels. 5. If you take drugs that may affect the test results, such as hormone drugs, the pregnancy test may be inaccurate. It is recommended to conduct a detailed test after stopping the medication. Illustration of how to use pregnancy test stick

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