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How you raise your baby has nothing to do with me, but sometimes I really can’t stand it!

Since having a baby, I always like to pay attention to everything related to the baby. When you see other people\’s babies, you can look at their appearance and clothes, and then compare them with your own babies: This little dress is good, I will buy one for my son later! However, there are more and more \”unpleasant\” things happening. Seeing some parents and grandparents taking a \”detour\” in parenting, Dingdang\’s mother really wanted to rush up and stop them! One day, Dingdang\’s mother passed by the chair downstairs of the community, and a grandmother was feeding her baby apples. It was supposed to be a tender scene, but Ding Dong\’s mother only felt disgusted. Because the baby is too young and his teeth have not yet developed well, he cannot chew an apple. Grandma would take a bite of the apple, chew it until it was mashed, and then put it into the baby\’s mouth. what to do? Seeing such a picture, occupational diseases are about to happen again! What an unhygienic behavior! Do you want to remind grandma that doing this is actually bad for the baby? What if I break someone’s grandma’s heart? If grandma does this, do the child’s parents know? After much hesitation, Dingdang’s mother decided to come forward and say hello. After some pleasantries, Dingdang’s mother came up with the topic of eating apples: The child’s grandmother can use a food supplement machine to make apple puree and feed it to the baby. It’s more nutritious! Dingdang’s mother was ashamed. I wonder if grandma understood the meaning. I saw such a couple at a friend\’s birthday party. It is said that the man is a rich second generation, the woman is a small Internet celebrity, and the whole family dresses in the same fashion. But what left Dingdang\’s mother speechless was their daughter. The child, who is about three years old, has maroon pear-shaped curly hair, wears a tight-fitting midriff-baring top, a short skirt, and a pair of small leather shoes studded with rhinestones. It looks beautiful, but…it\’s April now, and Dingdang\’s mother is still wearing long sleeves. Is it really okay to dress her child like this? If you want to dye your hair and perm it, it’s understandable that you use children’s hair dye. But what about midriff-baring outfits and miniskirts? With such clothing, the baby\’s abdomen can easily catch cold. How can a parent only pursue the beauty of his child? This time, Ding Dong’s mother didn’t say anything yet, and my friend who was the host couldn’t stand it anymore. But the couple didn\’t appreciate it and even insulted their friend. Come on, Dingdang’s mother, please continue drinking tea, otherwise you’ll be in trouble. There are simply too many parents who cheat on their babies, including Jiang Zi: the baby cries incessantly, and no matter how much the mother coaxes him, it is of no use. The more the baby cries, the more violent he becomes. The mother may have been upset because she was coaxing her, so she opened the mobile video APP, found a cartoon, and put it in front of the baby without saying a word. The baby\’s attention was quickly attracted by the little man in the animation, and his crying gradually stopped. Mom breathed a sigh of relief. She finally got rid of this annoying little guy. This trick is quite effective. I will use it next time. However, can an infant watch videos on a mobile phone? Any mother with some common sense knows that babies cannot look at mobile phones, let alone when they are so close! Every time I see such a scene, Dingdang’s mother can’t bear to look directly at it. Are these parents raising children, or are they cheating on their children?

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