I would like to ask Doudehui: What is the appropriate temperature for bathing water for a newborn?

Preparation before taking a bath for a newborn: Before taking a bath, you should make preparations. The room should be warm (at least 26°C), lay out the clothes and diapers to be changed, spread a large towel on the bed for later use, and then adjust the water temperature to about 38°C. It is suitable for adults to feel slightly warm but not hot. The order of bathing a newborn: Pay attention to the order of bathing. First, take off the baby\’s clothes and wrap it in a bath towel. The parent gently holds the baby with his left arm and body, holds the baby\’s head with his left hand, and uses his left thumb and middle finger to Press the pinna behind the baby\’s ears forward to cover the ear hole and prevent bath water from flowing into the ear. First, scrub your face, moisten it with a special small towel, and gently wipe your eyes, mouth, nose, face and behind the ears from the inner corners of your eyes outwards. Wash your head with a little baby shampoo, then wash it with clean water and dry your head. ;After washing your hair and face. If the umbilical cord has fallen off, you can remove the bath towel, put the baby in the bathtub, hold the baby\’s head with your left hand, and use your right hand to wash the baby\’s neck, upper limbs, chest, and abdomen in sequence, and then wash the back, lower limbs, vulva, and arms. Pay special attention to washing the skin folds. When bathing your baby, you must be gentle and agile. Newborn babies should not take a bath for too long, usually 3 to 5 minutes. If the time is too long, the baby will be tired and easily catch cold. Precautions for newborns after bathing: After bathing, wrap the child in a bath towel, dry it gently, and keep warm. Apply lotion to skin folds such as the neck, armpits and thighs, and apply baby powder in summer. Note that you must use quality-assured skin care products that are non-irritating to your baby’s skin. Skin care products used by adults should not be used by babies to avoid being absorbed by the skin and causing adverse reactions. When taking a bath when the umbilical cord has not fallen off, it is not advisable to put the baby directly into the bathtub to soak. Instead, use a warm towel to scrub the armpits and groin. Be careful not to get the umbilicus wet to avoid being contaminated by dirty water and causing omphalitis. Don\’t worry if it gets wet, just wipe it with cotton dipped in 75% alcohol.

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