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If your baby cries at night, be careful because he is having too much fun during the day

One of the biggest headaches for parents at night is the frequent night feedings, and the other is probably the inexplicable crying. When we analyze babies crying at night, we tend to focus more on discomfort caused by the baby\’s intestines, especially those babies who have passed the age of a few months and are hungry and crying. Because they have been parents for a while, these parents can still get rid of urination and hunger in time. What worries parents more is probably the inexplicable crying of their children. For babies who cry at night, consider intestinal discomfort in the first half of the night. However, children with gastrointestinal discomfort often toss and turn first, which means that most of them have unstable sleep and toss and turn. Some make a humming sound but do not cry loudly; or they actually moan for a while and then cry. And if the baby cries suddenly, some may just scream, but then gradually fall asleep. There are also older children who may cry suddenly and even stand up on their own, but they are not completely awake. At this time we have to consider more whether the baby is having a \”nightmare\”. This is mostly related to your emotional state during the day. When talking about the emotional state during the day, most parents will think of whether their children have been wronged during the day, or have cried \”crying\” at night. This seems to be one of the reasons. However, parents may ignore other situations more often. What we mean is that babies are young and their nervous system is not yet fully developed. Therefore, relatively speaking, the baby\’s own emotional suppression function is relatively weak. Therefore, if the baby has received relatively strong stimulation during the day, suffered great grievances, or has been too active during the day, or is too tired, the cerebral cortex will still maintain a certain state of excitement when the baby sleeps at night. Therefore, the baby will cry suddenly during sleep, which is similar to what we adults think of as \”nightmares.\” Therefore, whether you are visiting relatives and friends, traveling, or on weekend vacation, try not to let your baby play too excitedly during the day, especially not to let your baby move too much before going to bed. Try to avoid over-excitement of the baby\’s brain as much as possible to ensure that the baby has a good sleep.

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