Is a caesarean section really more dangerous than a vaginal birth?

How harmful is a caesarean section? 1. Bleeding: Cesarean section will cause more bleeding than vaginal delivery, and it is relatively easy to cause postpartum hemorrhage. 2. Risks of anesthesia: The probability of an accident is small after all, but it is still a little bit. 3. Cesarean section incision diverticulum: This is a small hole left by the scar on the uterus that has not grown properly. It is prone to bleeding from the menstrual period, bleeding after intercourse, uterine rupture in another pregnancy, etc. 4. Abdominal wall incisional endometriosis: There are currently many incidences of endometriosis. The lesions increase in pain during menstrual period and require surgical removal to a certain extent. 5. The risk of subsequent pregnancy is greater: such as placenta previa, dangerous placenta previa, placenta accreta, uterine rupture, etc. In short, try to give birth as naturally as possible. If you have to have a caesarean section, please trust the doctor.

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