Is eating chili pepper harmful to the fetus during pregnancy?

Can you still eat chili peppers after pregnancy? Yes, but in moderation! Because pepper contains nerve-paralyzing substances, it will have a certain impact on the baby\’s nerves. Therefore, when expecting mothers eat chili peppers, they must be careful not to make their mouth numb. Just eat them in moderation. It is not without benefits for pregnant women to eat spicy food. Chili peppers can provide necessary nutrients to expectant mothers: 1. Every 100g of edible persimmon chili peppers can provide 58mg of vitamin C to expectant mothers. 2. Red peppers and small peppers can provide 115mg of vitamin C per 100g of edible parts. 3. Chili peppers are also rich in vitamin B2, carotene, calcium, iron and other minerals, which can well improve the body\’s immune function. Not only that, most expectant mothers will be affected by early pregnancy reactions in the early stages of pregnancy, resulting in decreased appetite and poor appetite. At this time, if you eat a little chili in moderation, you may be able to improve the situation. A complete collection of potential development of children aged 0-6 years old to develop babies with high EQ and IQ. However, expectant mothers must control the amount of spicy food. If the expectant mother eats too many chili peppers at one time, it will affect the developing nerves of the fetus. Therefore, expectant mothers must be careful not to be greedy for too much or greedy when eating chili peppers, and only need an appropriate amount to satisfy their cravings.

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