Is it because of calcium deficiency in newborns with large anterior fontanel? Pay attention to this possibility and do not delay treatment

Question 1: My baby is 9 months old. The community physical examination said that the child’s anterior fontanel is too large, which is due to calcium deficiency. Let’s supplement calcium. What kind of calcium is suitable for a 9-month-old baby? If I keep taking vitamin AD, do I need to keep taking calcium? Also, which one is more suitable, pharmaceutical calcium or health supplements? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: An excessively large anterior fontanel is not necessarily a sign of calcium deficiency. There are many reasons. It is necessary to observe whether the baby\’s head circumference is growing too fast to rule out the possibility of hydrocephalus. In addition, vitamin D deficiency rickets may also have this symptom. In general, we cannot conclude that calcium deficiency is caused by large fontanelles alone. It is recommended to confirm the diagnosis and provide targeted treatment. If you need to supplement calcium, you can take vitamin AD and calcium carbonate. It is not recommended to use health products. If necessary, you must use medicine. Calcium cannot be taken all the time, but vitamin AD can be supplemented until the age of two. Question 2: The baby is 7 days old. His jaundice value is 20 and his bilirubin is 20.5. Is it serious? How long does it take to be discharged from hospital? Doctor Wang Yanli answered: It is serious and requires hospitalization. Check for hemolysis and phototherapy to reduce jaundice. If there is hemolysis, a gamma globulin transfusion is required. If the value is not as high as hemolysis, albumin-bound bilirubin needs to be administered. In short, hospitalization is required. The discharge time is uncertain and depends on the child\’s recovery, ranging from five to seven days. Question 3: My leucorrhea is purulent and smells strange, but there are no other symptoms. What is the reason? Are there any tests to be done? Dr. Zhang Qiaoli’s answer: If you think there is inflammation, check the leucorrhea and take appropriate medication based on the test results.

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