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Is it normal for babies to tilt their heads back? Be wary of high muscle tone!

Question 1: My baby is premature. He is now three months and five days old. His head is always tilted back very hard, and his body is tilted back all day long. He has not been evaluated for growth and development. Is there any problem with this? Dr. He Jiexin answered: It may be due to high muscle tone, which is more common in premature babies. Rehabilitation training is required if necessary. Now go to the growth and development clinic to see the specific situation. Most of the kicking behaviors of infants and young children are actually related to emotions. Many babies usually hold on hard when they cry. This is a way to express their unhappiness. If you find out the reason for the baby\’s tantrum and comfort it, this phenomenon will disappear. There are also infants and young children under 3 months old whose neck muscles are immature and have difficulty supporting their small heads, causing them to sway back and forth or turn in circles and lean back. Question 2: My daughter is mixed-feeding. She is 11 days old and has some diarrhea and lactation five times a day. What should I do? Dr. Pan Guilan answered: Now the baby has unformed stools, and the frequency of five stools is within the normal range. Generally, babies under 3 months old often have milk flaps. This is because the gastrointestinal tract is not fully developed and cannot digest some macromolecule nutrients. Due to weak absorptive capacity. However, as the baby grows and develops, this situation will gradually improve, so don\’t worry too much. Question 3: Both children were born by caesarean section. It has been more than two years since the birth of the second child. I have pain in my back from time to time, just where the anesthesia is. Today it hurts so much that I can’t straighten my back when I walk. It’s fine when I sit down. What is going on? How should it be treated? Have you ever recovered from your postpartum back pain? Dr. Cui Lixia answered: In this case, you need to go to an orthopedic department to see if there is a problem with the spine. If there is no spinal problem, you need to see a neurologist. Whether it will heal depends on the specific situation. If you don’t have low back pain, go to an orthopedic department first.

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