Is it too \”bad\” for an old man to raise a baby? It is important to set good principles

Many parents have to go to work and have no time to take care of their children themselves, so they can only ask the elderly to take care of their children. However, asking old people to take care of their children also brings up many problems. \”Mom, the child needs to brush his teeth after eating.\” \”The child doesn\’t have many teeth. Brushing his teeth every day will damage his teeth.\” \”Mom, don\’t put so many clothes on the child. He\’s already sweating.\” \”Every day today It’s cold. Wear more to avoid catching a cold.” “Mom, the child needs to eat more vegetables, not just meat.” “The child refuses to eat. What can I do?” The above scenario may happen to everyone every day. Played at home. If not handled properly, it is likely to trigger a family war. In fact, as long as parents have consistent parenting concepts and set \”rules\” for grandparents, this situation can be completely avoided. What \”rules\” should be established? Parents, please pick it up. Don\’t destroy the child\’s curiosity. We often say that grandma doesn\’t let the child do two things, one is this thing and the other is that thing. It sounds very crude, and it simply prohibits children from exploring the world. In fact, this is because the elderly care about their children and are afraid that the children will be injured, so they give such a \”ban\”. Our principles: ※Don’t overprotect, let your children explore freely ※It’s better to prepare your children for safety than not letting them play. Keep household electrical appliances, scissors, forks and other sharp objects out of the reach of children. Don\’t let your children out of your sight when playing outside. ※Appropriate injuries can teach children what dangers are and don’t destroy their children’s concentration. I wonder if any mother has noticed this: when children are concentrating on reading books and playing with toys, the elderly always go over and talk to them: \”You What are you playing? Do you want some fruit?\” It is difficult for children to concentrate. If we \”disrupt\” them when they are focused on doing one thing, it will only make them more and more confused. no patience\”. Our principles: ※Give children an environment to practice concentration. Do not often take your children to very noisy places, such as mahjong parlors and KTVs. ※Don\’t disturb the child in the middle ※Inform the child 10 minutes in advance to put down what he is doing and don\’t spoil the child too much. The old man just likes children and keeps stuffing snacks for them and helping them with everything. It makes the children delicate and really gives many parents a headache. Our principles: ※Don’t pamper, don’t listen to the child whenever he cries, be reasonable. ※Eat less snacks ※Children do their own things. All setbacks that children encounter are experiences of growth. Don’t deprive your children of the opportunity to grow just because you love them. We must not disobey the rules. There is a little boy in our community. When playing on the slide, he always likes to slide down and then climb up the slide. The child\’s grandmother always excuses him by saying \”the child is still young\”. Later, when the boy was climbing up the slide, another child didn\’t see him and slid down directly. As a result, the two children collided, and the back of the little boy\’s head hit the ground firmly. Fortunately, there were sponge mats under the slide, so the two children just cried a lot and were not seriously injured. many childrenThe son does not change his true nature as a bully outside, and in the end he is the only one who suffers. Our principles: ※Abide by the rules! Follow the rules! Follow the rules! Both the elderly at home and us parents must pay attention to the above principles. Only by working together can we raise a good child. Cai Ma doesn’t complain that the old people have worked hard all their lives and will come to help us take care of our children and cook after retirement, so that we can rest assured to work hard outside. However, because of our different living habits, we often complain about them. To be honest, it\’s really a bit \”heartless\”. And whether it\’s us or the elderly, everyone just wants to \”be good for the children. Why don\’t we start from today, be a \”conscience\” person, communicate more with the elderly, and understand each other more. Only in this way can our family be more harmonious.

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