Is the couple\’s long-term infertility related to their regular breakfast?

Soy milk is one of the breakfast choices of many office workers, but everyone knows that soy milk is not suitable for everyone. Drinking soy milk can easily cause hormone secretion in men, and for those who want to have a baby, it can easily lead to infertility. Zhang Yiyi, known as one of the \”New Four Talents\”, said in her pregnancy experience that I liked drinking soy milk since I was a child, which caused hormonal imbalance and infertility after marriage. The doctor recommended that I stop drinking soy milk for 3 months, and my wife became pregnant successfully after a few months. Experts say soy milk may be a fertility killer for men and point out that there are dietary taboos for men and women during pregnancy. Why should men drink less isoflavones, also known as phytoestrogens, in soy milk and soy products? Men who consume too much can easily convert androgens into estrogens, leading to hormonal disorders and ultimately infertility. There is also a saying that men who drink soy milk will become smaller in Shenyang, and women who drink soy milk will fall in love with Guo Degang. There is no good or bad food, but there are certain differences in the diets of men and women, and because their bodies are different, their diets should also be different, especially during sensitive periods such as preparing for pregnancy. Except for soy milk, expectant fathers are advised not to touch these drinks. 01. Spermicide drink – Coffee Although coffee is a lifestyle and taste for white-collar youths, long-term excessive drinking of coffee will deprive you of your right to be a father. Statistics show that caffeine is a harmful substance to spermatogenic cells. Young people drinking too many acidic drinks containing caffeine and sugar every day will not only make people gain weight, but also reduce sexual desire and cause abnormal sperm infertility. 02. Spermicide drinks – Alcohol research shows that people who drink more than 60 grams of ethanol per week have a gradual decline in sperm concentration. After more than 300 grams, the quality decline will be more obvious. People who drink more than 480 grams are different from people who drink 12-60 grams. In comparison, sperm concentration decreased by 33%. However, sperm motility and semen volume were not affected by ethanol intake. This will reduce the chance of pregnancy, and sometimes even if you are pregnant and have a child, it will have a certain impact on the child\’s health. 03. Spermicide drink – Coke The latest research shows that men who drink about one liter of Coke a day have an average sperm count of about 30% less than men who do not drink Coke. Drink less Coke in summer to prevent male infertility! Coke is a dark brown, sweet, caffeinated carbonated drink that is very popular. However, drinking too much Coke can cause infertility, which has been ignored by everyone. 04. Spermicide drink-tea experiments have proven that strong tea has a direct impact on men’s prostate fluid. Because the caffeine in strong tea is stimulating and excitatory, a large amount of stimulation will dilate the blood vessels of the prostate, causing congestion and swelling, affecting the normal function of the prostate, and even causing abnormal urination and pain in the lower abdomen and perineum. Therefore, expectant fathers who want to have a baby We should try to avoid drinking tea.

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