It turns out that the baby is a \”night cryer\”, and it\’s not just as simple as sleeping…

Babies as young as newborns and as old as three or four years old may cry before going to bed at night. If careless parents cannot find out the reason, they think that the baby is just \”sleeping\”. As everyone knows, the reason why babies often \”sleep\” at night is not necessarily due to sleepiness, but may also be due to the following reasons: external reasons for crying at night: diapers that are too wet or too tight. Some babies are unwilling to pee because their diapers have not been changed for a long time, and they toss and turn and have trouble sleeping. The temperature is not suitable. If you cover it too much and wrap it tightly, the baby will be too hot; if you cover it too little, the baby will feel too cold. Hungry and thirsty. When a baby is sleepy and hungry, he will cry in a daze. The underlying cause of night crying is calcium deficiency. If breastfeeding alone cannot meet the growth and development of the baby, or if cod liver oil preparations and complementary foods are not added in time, it is likely to cause calcium deficiency in the baby. The symptoms include waking up at night, being irritable, and crying. Intestinal spasms. Intestinal spasm is abdominal pain caused by a large amount of gas in the baby\’s abdomen that is not discharged in time. It often occurs at night. Therefore, you must burp your baby after feeding. Red butt. Frequent bowel movements or watery stools can easily cause redness, swelling, and itching of the anus and surrounding skin. This discomfort can also cause the baby to cry at night. The baby must be wiped with warm water after defecation, and then dried with a clean and soft paper towel to prevent pinworms. Being overly excited or nervous during the day. If a baby is crying at night after six months of age, it may be related to being overly excited or nervous during the day, such as having a stranger come to the house, taking the baby to a noisy place, etc. How does a mother comfort a \”crying man at night\”? The baby often cries at night. The mother must first find out the reason before \”prescribing the right medicine\”. She cannot simply think that the baby cries because she has diarrhea, pee, sleepiness or hunger. The second thing is to create the best sleeping environment for your baby. 01. Give your baby a warm bath before going to bed, and then perform a ten-minute massage to help your baby fall asleep comfortably. 02. Drinking milk once before going to bed will make the baby more likely to be satisfied, but breastfeeding mothers should not let their baby fall asleep with the nipple in their mouth. 03. Wrap the baby tightly in a quilt before going to bed. This can make the baby feel more secure and fall asleep securely. 04. The mother and the baby lie on their sides on the bed opposite each other, gently touch the baby\’s head, buttocks or thighs with their hands, and hum a lullaby, which will make it easier for the baby to fall asleep. 05. For older babies, you can appropriately extend the play time during the day so that the baby can fall asleep more easily at night. May all babies sleep soundly~~

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