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Just after confinement, my husband forced me to go to work! The truth behind it turned out to be…

Two days ago, I went to have a full-moon wine with my cousin\’s child. Not to mention how cute the little guy was, anyone who saw it would want to hug him. Every guest praised my cousin for taking care of the children well, and my cousin Le\’s eyes narrowed to slits. When we were about to eat, my cousin pulled me to her table and said she wanted to ask me some questions about raising children. Based on my experience, I told my cousin some of the problems that new mothers usually encounter. My cousin listened very seriously and seemed to be full of energy, vowing to take good care of the baby. When they were about to finish eating, my cousin looked at the baby in her arms dotingly and said, \”Baby, mommy will always accompany you when you grow up and never leave you.\” Upon hearing this, the cousin who had been sitting next to her silently said: The brother-in-law spoke up: \”That\’s not okay. If you stay with your children all the time, how are you going to work? You still have to go to work.\” When my cousin heard this, he got angry and said, \”You don\’t care about me so much? You just did it. After confinement, you urge me to go to work?! It’s not like you can’t support me as a full-time mother at home, why do you have to let me leave the child?” My cousin’s husband quickly patted his cousin’s back and comforted me in a soft voice: “I That’s not what I mean. Of course I hope you can relax, and I’m not forcing you to achieve great results at work. I just don’t want you to regret becoming a full-time mother in the future. I just want to see you happy. If you listen to me After talking about the following points, if you still decide to concentrate on taking care of your children, then I will definitely support you. I make enough money alone.\” Taking care of children is much harder than working. Think about your usual state at work: morning At 9 o\’clock, I sit down in the office, turn on the computer, and start working with various data and forms, interspersed with replying to some emails from clients. If I\’m thirsty, I\’ll drink a glass of water. If I\’m tired, I\’ll go for a walk. After lunch, I can take a short rest. one time. Just go home from get off work at night. No matter how busy you are at work, you need to travel frequently, or you often need to work overtime to catch up on projects, and you have very little time to sleep, but these are definitely not as hard as raising your children. Because no matter how busy your work is, it will bring you visible rewards, that is, income and social status, which will increase your sense of self-identity. You will appear around everyone in bright clothes every day. , no matter how tired you are, you still feel that you have created value for others. But raising children is different. Your working hours are no longer 8 or 10 hours a day, but 24 hours a day, all year round. Housework is not as organized as work. It requires you to do whatever you see and be able to handle various emergencies. A housewife must complete at least the following five tasks a day: cooking, including three meals a day for the whole family, as well as various snacks for the children; cleaning, every corner of the house, no matter how small the room, needs to be cleaned once It takes half a day; coaxing the children, crying is normal, you have to tell stories and play games; child education, taking the children to school, cram schools and various interest classes; cleaning, the family\’s clothes and bedding, especially the children\’s I can change several sets of clothes a day. These are the most basic. If there are guests at home, or if there is an error in any of them, then the day\’s tasks will definitely not be completed. for a long time, your frustration may break out several times a day, and I don’t want to see you torture yourself to death for the sake of this family. What\’s more, I like the way you work hard and seriously. You bear more at home than outside. The moment you choose to give up your job and take care of your children at home, it means that you will lose your direct financial source and start asking for money. Although your family will not be short of your money, and they don\’t care how you spend it, over time, you will become very sensitive inside, and your family\’s unintentional words will make you think too much. For example, your mother-in-law said while eating: \”The price of vegetables has risen so fast recently that I can hardly afford cabbage.\” After hearing this, you may think: \”Does this mean that my food is too wasteful? \”For another example, when your husband comes home from work, he sits comfortably on the sofa and sighs: \”It\’s still comfortable at home.\” You may think: \”Is it possible that I am enjoying happiness at home?\” In fact, no one has any other meaning. But I\’m afraid that after you have been separated from work and society for a long time, it will be easy for you to think blindly. Moreover, this society has a very unfriendly attitude towards housewives: if your husband does not go well at work, everyone will blame you for not supporting him; if the child is sick, everyone will blame you for not being able to take care of the child; if the child does not love you If you don\’t like to talk, people will blame you for not educating your children well… In short, if any trivial things happen at home, the responsibility will be placed on you. If you are unhappy at work, you can leave at any time, but at home, you can only choose to divorce, or endure it silently… I don\’t want you to lose yourself if your life circle is always limited. With such a palm-sized place at home, dealing with the eating, drinking, and eating of children all day long, your spiritual life will gradually become lacking and boring, and you will begin to lose touch with the outside world. At that time, when I talk to you about products, brands, and various work experiences, I’m afraid all you can say back to me is: “Sounds really good. Do you know? I heard a mother say that this thing is special for her children. OK, I also want to buy one for our son…\” I really don\’t want this type of conversation to happen between us. As for who comes to see the child, it can be my mother or your mother. I will take care of the child with you in normal times. The child belongs to our family and we should raise him together. I think for children, having a stable caregiver is more important than \”who will take care of it.\” I hope you can live a happy life, because only when you are happy can your family be filled with happiness and your children can grow up happily. In fact, whether you are a stay-at-home mother or a working mother, there are bound to be losses and gains. The key lies in the mothers\’ true inner thoughts. If you prefer to be by your child\’s side and have the confidence to resist all the pressure around you, then become a stay-at-home mother and not miss every step of your child\’s growth; but if you are very concerned about the opinions of people around you and worry about being disliked by others, Then continue to work hard in the workplace, keep yourself financially independent, and give your children a better life.

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