List of taboos during confinement, don’t accidentally leave the root of the disease behind

What are the taboos of confinement? If you find one, pay attention! Don’t accidentally leave the root of the disease behind! I thought I was liberated after giving birth to a baby, but there were still 42 long days of confinement. At that time, I thought confinement meant sleeping and resting. What I didn’t know was that there were many things that I couldn’t do, and now we pay attention to scientific confinement. Take myself as an example. I didn’t pay much attention during confinement. My child was not in good health and I was always rushing to the hospital, which resulted in many sequelae. Today I want to share those things that cannot be done, hoping that everyone will avoid the pitfalls during confinement. 1. You cannot have the same room. Although pregnancy to giving birth is a long process, remember not to have sex until at least 42 days or two months later. 2. Do not touch cold water. At this time, your body is in a relatively weak state. Once you rinse it with cold water, it will easily cause symptoms such as joint pain. If you need to brush your teeth and wash your face, use warm water. I always used cold water during confinement, which made me particularly afraid of the cold. My hands feel cold even after I use some cold water. 3. No strenuous exercise. It is very boring during the confinement period. You can take a moderate walk or move around, which is beneficial to blood circulation. 4. Don’t drink thick soup in the first two weeks. Otherwise, it is easy to block the milk, so you need to eat a light and balanced diet. You can drink the soup through a straw so it won\’t be too greasy. 5. If you are breastfeeding, you need to have appropriate taboos and avoid eating spicy, cold, and irritating foods. 6. Do not watch mobile phones, TV and other electronic products for a long time. During this period, the body is in a stage of recovery. You cannot look at electronic products to prevent your eyes from being adversely affected. I am just bored and often use my mobile phone to surf the Internet. As a result, my eyes hurt when I look at my mobile phone. 7. Don’t cry, don’t be angry, and stay in a good mood. CCTV recommends over 500 high-scoring excellent documentaries. The child has watched Pattern Explosion and Self-Discipline Addiction. Maternal anger or sadness is very detrimental to the recovery of the body. Therefore, if you are in a happy mood, your body will recover well and you will produce a lot of milk. , there will be more food for the little baby. 8. Do not cover the confinement period. Appropriate ventilation should be provided to maintain air circulation. Ventilating twice a day is good for the growth of the child and the physical recovery of the mother. In short, the things women cannot do during confinement are the above points. At the same time, you can still pay attention to some of the taboos mentioned by the old man. After all, they have been circulated for so long, and there is a certain reason for them. Furthermore, confinement is the golden period for a woman to recover her body, so she must not be careless.

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