Mom, if you lose your temper less, your children will have higher EQ and IQ.

Emotions will affect our expression, and we are most likely to vent our emotions on the weak through unwarranted accusations. In a family, it is obvious that children are the weak. Many times, children inevitably become the punching bag for many parents. Children should not be the punching bags of their parents. Life is now very stressful, especially for families with children. Children’s expenses account for a large amount of expenses. Therefore, parents will be even more stressed. The stress itself will cause us to be in a bad mood. If When we encounter difficulties at work, our mood will get worse. What will happen when we go home with this mood? A very common scenario is that when a mother comes home from work and her child is watching TV, the mother sees the stinky socks next to the TV. She immediately gets angry, turns off the TV, and yells: \”You are still in the mood to watch TV, socks?\” If you don’t wash it, who will wash it for you? You have been raised so big and you don’t even know how to wash your socks?” If it is the first time, the child may be frightened and confused. Then, he picked up his socks and walked to his room with fear. If this mom doesn\’t handle her emotions well, there will be many opportunities in life for her to have another episode. In a family, as long as one person is in a bad mood, life will fall into a painful vicious cycle. How can a child live in such a painful environment? The most basic harmonious family atmosphere is gone, not to mention good communication between parents and children. On the contrary, if faced with a child, the mother can adjust her mentality in time and say to the child in a calm tone: \”I am not very happy to see the dirty socks next to the TV because I pay attention to neatness. Are you willing to take the socks to the room?\” Or put it in the washing machine?\” At this time, I thought the child might say: \”Okay, Mom.\” Because she said without accusation what actions she wanted the other person to take to satisfy her, the child knew what to do after hearing it. Instead of being full of accusations like before, the children didn\’t know what to do after hearing it. However, in many Chinese families, it is common for children to be accused without reason. Children will continue this bad mood. In real life, we can easily find that after being criticized, many people, instead of calming down and thinking about why they were criticized, feel very uncomfortable and always want to find someone to vent their feelings to. of resentment. In fact, this is a manifestation of not accepting criticism and not correctly understanding one\’s own mistakes. It’s understandable to feel bad after being criticized, but what are the consequences of taking it out on your children for no reason? Parents just lose their temper with their children, but do not let their children realize where they are wrong. Some children even do nothing wrong. How will the children react? Back in their rooms, some children may cry silently, some may throw things, kick the family puppy, etc. People\’s emotions always need to be vented, and when a person\’s emotions turn bad, his subconscious will drive him to choose subordinates or weak people who cannot fight back to vent. Many of people\’s abilities or habits are developed subconsciously. Generally, children cannot clearly point out what their parents did wrong and correct their parents\’ behavior, so they will subtly develop this situation when they deal with their own emotions. existWhen you are in a bad mood, you will vent to the weak. If there is more than one child in the family, the eldest child may talk about the second child for no reason when he is in a bad mood. Because you are not aware of your own problems, this wrong way of dealing with emotions will be continued like an inheritance. Therefore, we usually say that in a family with reasonable parents, children will grow up healthier and more sunny. If the parents are gentle and elegant, the children will also More easy-going. Only those who are not straight-minded use their arrogance to suppress others. In modern society, competition at work is becoming increasingly fierce. This kind of tension can easily lead to people\’s emotional instability. A little dissatisfaction will make them annoyed and angry. If they cannot adjust the negative impact of this negative factor on themselves in time, they will easily vent it on their children. There is a story. The customer pointed to the cup in front of him and shouted to the waitress: \”Miss! Come here! Look! Your milk is bad and it ruined my cup of black tea!\” The waitress said while accompanying her: \”I\’m so sorry! I\’ll give you a new cup right away.\” The new black tea was quickly prepared, with fresh lemon and milk placed beside the plate. The lady gently placed these in front of the customer and said softly: \”Can I suggest you, if you add lemon, don\’t add milk, because sometimes citric acid can cause milk to clump.\” The customer\’s face suddenly turned red. , hurriedly drank tea and left. We clearly see that this is the customer\’s own fault. If the waiter positions himself on the right side and directly tells the customer that this is your fault and our store is not responsible, what will happen? Judging from the customer\’s previous rude and rude words and deeds, he will definitely start a fight and demand compensation. At this time, the waiter insists on his position and is unreasonable. This will not only affect other customers, but also cause harm to himself. The boss punishes. This waitress\’s clever way of handling things made us understand how to put ourselves in his shoes. It was precisely because he was rude that we had to treat him in a tactful way before he was willing to accept it. It was precisely because he understood the truth as soon as he explained it that there was no need to speak loudly! Such a difficult customer can be easily dealt with if we are willing, so why not! In fact, we all know that people who are not upright use their arrogance to suppress others. A person who is upright uses kindness to make friends! When we think we have the moral high ground, we tend to criticize others. One of the most common examples in real life is moral kidnapping, which can be found everywhere. Similarly, when we meet someone who has made a mistake, we tend to put ourselves in a superior and correct position overlooking others. Once we see ourselves and the other person as unequal, we will become angry when we meet someone who is inferior to us. Tendency to transfer out. In front of their children, parents often unconsciously believe that their children are wrong and they are right. Children will inevitably become victims of their parents\’ emotions. When a person dwells on negative or unhappy things, he receives negative and unhappy things at the same time. When he transfers his anger to others, he focuses on unsatisfactory things. Over time, a vicious cycle will be formed. The same goes for a good mood, so why not extend your good mood with the pyramid? make happyInfect the people around you and let your children grow up happily!

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