Never ask grandparents to take care of your children (a must read for parents!)

\”It\’s all because of his grandma\’s favor!\” \”Look at what his grandma has done to bring up the children!\”…Ms. Luo has been complaining a lot recently. A year ago, Ms. Luo and her husband discussed bringing her grandma from her hometown to Chongqing to help them raise their one-year-old child. Within a year, Ms. Luo began to feel dissatisfied. When you meet your neighbors or colleagues, you always have endless things to complain about. \”The weather is so hot, but I still wear so many clothes for him.\” \”The child can\’t eat anymore, and he puts the food into his mouth with all his strength.\” \”Buying so many snacks, the child has tooth decay.\”…Words Among them, there is a sense of superiority that is well versed in family education, and is dismissive of grandma\’s hard work and dedication. Perhaps others should say back at this time: \”You can do it, come on!\” Where are the parents when they are dressing their children? Where are the parents when feeding their children? Where are the parents when their children want snacks? Isn\’t this the responsibility of parents? It’s so unfair to let grandma take the blame! In front of their parents, their sons and daughters-in-law can\’t help but have a sense of superiority. Relying on high-quality educational resources and fast information means, they always point out and disdain their parents\’ methods, but forget that all this is their own. There is a kind of heartlessness in your responsibility. Your parents work hard to take care of your children, but you are picky. \”If you don\’t help me take care of the child, I won\’t raise you and I won\’t go back to see you!\” This is what his own daughter said to Grandma Liu herself. Grandma Liu has retired, her two daughters have married and started a family, and she is preparing to go on a group trip with her wife to enjoy their old age. But the eldest daughter said something like this, which made her so sad that she couldn\’t even sleep. Originally, she had her own savings and a good retirement salary, and her married daughter didn\’t come back to visit often. But thinking that she was her biological daughter and didn\’t know how to take care of children, she thought about it and decided to work harder on herself. year, so I gave up the opportunity to travel, packed my clothes and said goodbye to my wife, and came to my eldest daughter\’s residence. Unexpectedly, just a few days after staying here, the youngest daughter came over with her daughter who was not yet one year old. After staying for two days, she left the child behind without saying anything. The meaning is obvious: if you help the boss take care of the children, you must also help me take care of the children. It makes sense! Grandma Liu had no choice but to take her two children back to her hometown. Poor Grandma Liu and her husband’s legs and feet are no longer very agile! After working hard for most of your life, raising your children is the greatest thing you can do as a parent. When children start a family, get married and have children, for parents, they should enjoy their old age in peace: dancing in the square, drinking afternoon tea, playing Tai Chi, and going on a group trip. It should be such a leisurely and comfortable thing. But for the children they love most, they are willing to give up all this and continue to take care of their children. But many times, instead of being grateful, we find ourselves dissatisfied with this and that, being picky in every possible way! Behind our pickyness lies our parents’ love and tolerance for us. There is such an admirable pair of young parents. The couple rents a house in Shenzhen. The husband drives a small truck and the wife sells cosmetics. They are not very educated and have limited income. Life is not easy in the high-consumption city of Shenzhen. . They have a girl about four years old who is studying in kindergarten in ShenzhenKindergarten, the tuition was quite high for them. The husband’s parents felt distressed and offered to leave the child with their grandparents and take care of it for them. Grandma even came by car from the countryside to take the child away from them. Picked up, but the couple refused. They said: \”It\’s our business to take care of the children. You just have to take good care of your old age. You only have one child and you can\’t make enough money!\” The meaning behind it is: the elderly have their own life and happiness, and it is not the elderly\’s responsibility to take care of children. Responsibility, and more importantly, no matter how busy you are, no matter how much you want to get rich, nothing is more important than being with your children! For many parents, they have every reason to give their children to the elderly to save money? The consumption in Shenzhen is really frustrating for them! there is no time? They don\’t even have weekends off, and only have two or three days of rest every month. Moreover, the grandparents also offered to take care of the children, but they refused because they knew that the role of parents cannot be replaced by the elderly. Parents may not be able to give their children a wealthy family, but they can definitely give their children a warm and happy childhood! Such parents are admirable. Intergenerational parenting has become a common social phenomenon, especially for new parents born in the 1980s and 1990s. As the cost of living increases and social pressure intensifies, more and more children are left to the elderly. Contradictions about child rearing methods have become increasingly prominent, and the adverse situations easily caused by intergenerational education have attracted more and more attention and discussion. However, when we complain about the various problems that grandparents have with raising children, please think carefully about whether you have fulfilled your parental responsibilities. In the final analysis, educating children requires parents to spend more time and experience to understand and accompany them. ! If the child is disobedient and has unhealthy living habits, then the main responsibility must be the parents, not the grandparents. The elderly will not take the blame for you!

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