Newborn care taboos, are you still doing them?

Due to lack of experience, new mothers may inadvertently violate some taboos when caring for their newborn babies. These practices may not matter to adults, but for newborn babies, they are still very fragile, and certain practices may become risk factors affecting their health. Mistake 1: Patting on the back When the baby is crying, many mothers like to pick up the baby and then pat the baby on the back (some also like this action when coaxing the baby to sleep). The original intention of the mothers is to comfort the baby through this action. Stabilize baby\’s mood. In fact, this approach is wrong. Newborn babies are very delicate. If they are slapped hard on the back, they are prone to vibration, which can damage the central nerve in the spinal canal of the baby\’s spine. Therefore, do not pat the baby\’s back too hard. Note: The technique we have always mentioned to burp the baby after drinking milk is not to slap directly with the palm of the hand, but to slap with the hollow palm of the palm, not the real palm. Mistake 2: Trim the eyelashes because my Dabao’s eyelashes are very long. Wherever he goes, People would always ask me if I had cut it for her, and I would explain over and over again that no, because there was no connection. Some mothers think that cutting their baby\’s eyelashes will make them grow longer, and it is best to cut them during the confinement period. But in fact, the lifespan of an eyelash is only about 3 months, 90 days. In other words, cutting your baby\’s eyelashes will not make them grow longer. Moreover, eyelashes have a protective effect on the eyes and can prevent dust and other substances from directly entering the eyes. If the baby\’s eyelashes are cut off, the eyes will lose their protective effect and can easily cause various eye diseases. Mistake 3: Pinch the baby’s face. The baby’s pink and tender face is so endearing that people can’t help but want to pinch it. Even if you can\’t do it yourself and feel that the child will be in pain, you still can\’t avoid carrying the child out to meet friends and so on. Friends or relatives squeeze the baby. Although the mother will feel distressed when she sees it, don’t refute it and think it’s just a slight pain and it’s fine. If you think it is so simple, you would be wrong. When we pinch the baby\’s face with our hands, the baby\’s parotid glands and parotid ducts will be squeezed again and again, causing drooling, oral mucositis and other diseases. Therefore, it is not advisable for mothers to pinch their babies’ cheeks to express their love. You also have to be brave enough to say no to similar behavior from your friends. Mistake 4: Let the baby sleep between adults (or sleep facing the baby). It is wrong to let the baby sleep between adults, or for the adult to sleep facing the baby. This kind of practice has a great impact on the baby. The oxygen consumption of a newborn baby\’s brain accounts for a very large proportion of the oxygen consumption of the whole body. Sleeping between parents, or sleeping in front of an adult, will put the baby in an environment that is extremely hypoxic and has a lot of carbon dioxide. Insufficient oxygen can cause babies to have unstable sleep, nightmares, and crying in the middle of the night, which can hinder normal growth and development. Because of the need for breast milk, it is more convenient for the baby to sleep with the mother, and this not only cultivates the baby\’s sense of security, but also ensures the mother\’s sleep. But try to let the baby sleep on one side, not between the parents; and the mother should also try to avoid facing the baby directly, because that means the child will inhale the carbon dioxide exhaled by the mother.

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