Not understanding the precautions in late pregnancy resulted in the loss of the baby

Fetal movement is the first communication between the baby and the mother, and asking expectant mothers to count fetal movements is something doctors will specifically explain during pregnancy. However, many mothers ignore this matter and think that the baby can move when it needs to move without paying too much attention, causing irreparable pain. Xiao Mu has not missed a single prenatal check-up since her pregnancy, and most of the precautions were arranged by the doctor. However, counting fetal movements is troublesome. She just counts them when they come to mind. If she can\’t remember, she just writes them down on the prenatal check-up form. When I was 34 weeks pregnant, the doctor said that the baby was very healthy. Thinking that I was about to give birth, I discussed with my husband to buy some maternity items and daily necessities for the baby, and we went shopping together and ate out. When I got home, the baby was moving very happily. [Latest 4th Edition] Read the full text of the Pregnancy Bible, scan it in high definition and download it in PDF 108M. When the baby is moving, he is communicating with his mother. Xiao Mu said to her belly: \”Baby, you know we are very happy to be back home, right? Mom is a little tired today.\” \”I wonder if the baby moved even more because of his mother\’s gentle words. The husband lay on his belly and said to the baby: \”The baby can\’t be so naughty. It hurts so much to kick mommy. Mommy bought you a lot of nice clothes today. You have to be good.\” The baby still has a bag here and a bag there. Fetal movements are usually more severe. The couple was so happy when they saw the fetal movement, they thought the baby was happy and didn\’t pay much attention. But I didn’t expect that by ignoring this fetal movement, I was ignoring that the baby was “crying for help.” Now I go to the hospital for a prenatal checkup once a week, and four days later I went to the hospital for a prenatal checkup. The doctor found that the fetal heartbeat could no longer be heard. Xiao Mu felt like a thunderbolt, so he went to do a B-ultrasound for confirmation, but the result was also devastating. Xiao Mu cried and fussed in the B-ultrasound room, lying on her husband and crying. She was fine a few days ago, why did she end up like this? ! The umbilical cord wrapped around the neck was dangerous to the baby. After a series of tests, the baby was finally induced. The doctor said that the umbilical cord was wrapped around the neck, causing fetal asphyxia. It had been stuck tightly around the neck for several days. When thinking about the fact that the baby left in such pain, Xiao Mu couldn\’t help but break down and cry, blaming his own negligence for the baby not coming into this world. In the third trimester of pregnancy, many expectant mothers feel that they are about to give birth, so they don\’t pay attention to small things and feel that counting fetal movements does not matter much. In fact, in the third trimester of pregnancy, the baby is getting bigger and bigger, and the space for movement is getting smaller and smaller, making it especially easy for the umbilical cord to wrap around the neck! At this time, the fetus will feel discomfort and move around to find a comfortable position. If it moves left and right, it may get out. If the number of turns is too large, suffocation may occur if the loop cannot be wound out. The safety of the baby should be paid attention to at all times. How to judge whether the baby is safe in the womb? Learn to count fetal movements and go to the hospital for examination immediately if there are any abnormalities! Get prenatal check-ups on time, understand the amniotic fluid condition and fetal position, and the doctor will give you the correct advice. In the third trimester of pregnancy, the condition of the umbilical cord will be determined through fetal heart rate monitoring and B-ultrasound examination. If the umbilical cord is around the neck, a caesarean section may not always be necessary. But if the fetal head does not descend or there are abnormalities in the fetus, the doctor will consider the risk factors to arrange surgery or not! Every move during pregnancy is a big deal, so mothers should always be vigilant to avoid accidents! The baby\’s fetal movement and heart rate are important indicators of the baby\’s safety!

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