Parents need to understand! How to deal with scratches when a baby falls?

In daily life, abrasions are often the injuries that babies are most vulnerable to. Many babies are lively and active, so the incidence of bruises due to falls increases. The treatment methods for bruises are different, and the healing conditions are also different. Therefore, parents who are worried about their babies may wish to learn from Doudehui! To rinse the wound, you can use tap water or saline to clean the sand on the wound. Do not rub it hard. If the bleeding needs to be stopped first, use several layers of clean gauze and apply firm pressure on the bleeding wound to stop the baby\’s bleeding. To disinfect the wound, you can use disinfectant or hydrogen peroxide to directly disinfect the wound. When disinfecting the wound, some dirt will come out of the wound along with the foam. This process may cause some pain, so pay attention to comfort the baby and wipe the wound clean with gauze to prevent the wound from suppurating. Apply the medicine to prevent suppuration. Apply the medicine to the wound to prevent suppuration. Put several layers of gauze on the wound to protect it, and then wrap a bandage to fix the gauze. If it\’s a minor wound, just put a band-aid on it. Situations that need to be sent to the hospital for treatment. The baby has serious scratches on his face. If the baby falls, it is very likely that the baby will hit the ground head first when the scratch occurs. Since the baby\’s skin is very delicate, landing on the head is likely to leave wounds around the eyes or on the face. , because the area around the eyes is very fragile, it is recommended to send it to the hospital for treatment after simple treatment. While checking for trauma, you should also test whether there is any damage to the eyes. Wounds can cause suppuration. If your baby\’s abrasion occurs in a ditch or in some unclean place, you must pay special attention to whether bacteria will invade the skin and cause the wound to suppurate. Especially if the wound remains moist and does not dry out, the chance of wound suppuration is higher, so parents are advised to take their baby to the surgery. If the baby is injured due to a fall, ice can be used to reduce swelling in areas where swelling occurs after a strong impact. But for this kind of fall, parents must pay attention to whether the baby feels unbearable pain. After all, the child is too young, and this kind of fall may cause harm to the child. Therefore, once the pain is unbearable, they should take him to see a surgeon. Or orthopedics. The baby keeps hurting. Sometimes, when the wound is healed, the baby still complains of pain. Don\’t be careless at this time. It is very likely that there is still glass, stone or sand remaining in the wound. It is recommended that when this happens, take the child to the hospital\’s surgery department in time. If there is a foreign object in the wound that cannot be removed, when the parents treat the wound, they find that there are small things such as sand, glass fragments, etc. left in the wound that cannot be flushed out with water or saline. Or these small things are embedded deeply. Do not forcefully take them out or use them to rub the wound. This will be very dangerous. At this time, you should take your baby to the hospital for surgery quickly.

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