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Parents with bad tempers used these 4 methods and their lives changed drastically.

The journey of parents educating their children will not be smooth sailing. Whether at home or outside, there will always be frictions between us and our children, large and small. People with good tempers are fine and will work hard to control their tempers, but parents with bad tempers may not. \”Why are you so stupid? You can break the bowl even if you clean the dishes.\” \”Hurry up and clean the bed for me. What time is it? I just got up. All the children have come back from their morning run. \”We always get angry at our children because of trivial things. After getting angry, we get angry and the children get upset, but it has no effect. The children will still make the mistakes they should make, and we will be angry again. We should know that when a child has made a mistake, no matter how angry you are, it may not help, and the child may not listen, and it may also hurt our children. According to surveys, more than 80% of people who engage in violent crimes had poor family education when they were young. Parents often beat and scolded their children, causing distortions in their minds when they grow up. Therefore, how parents regulate their emotions is a very important issue. When you can’t help but get angry, try the following methods! Try to understand your children and put yourself in their shoes. If we can understand our children, we will find that the mistakes our children make are all \”human nature\” in life, such as being careless and lazy. When encountering these problems, we have to think about it. In our daily life, are we also late for work? Do we often forget some things? By empathizing with our children and understanding them, our anger will slowly disappear. Get rid of excessive attachment and learn to let go. A parent once said to me, \”I do very well myself. I hope my child can do as well as me. Sometimes he will fail when he does not meet my standards.\” Criticize him.\” Learning to let go and not be so persistent is an important step in reducing anger. Some parents may think that if I can do it, why can’t my children do it? We cannot require every child to meet the standards we set. Everyone is an independent individual. We hope to cultivate good living habits in our children, but we cannot be persistent or force them. Excessive demands on children will only make them more rebellious. If you ask me to go east, I will go west and I will not listen to you. Chinese Taoism emphasizes \”let nature take its course\”. We should lower the standards appropriately and slowly increase the requirements after the children adapt, so that it will be easier for the children to accept. Find an outlet for yourself to vent your temper. When we are about to lose our temper, we can try the emotion transfer method. Find two small pieces of paper, scribble on the first piece of paper to vent your emotions, and tear it up when you feel that your emotions are almost vented. On the second note, use your best handwriting and slowly write \”Be calm and guard against arrogance and impatience.\” Then go back and think carefully about the mistakes your child made, why they were made, and what caused them. of this result, and then solve him. If you get angry, you must apologize to your child promptly. Although we try our best to control it in life, there will always be times when we cannot help but explode. After getting angry,We need to apologize to our children. Apologizing is not about saying, \”My child, it\’s okay that you made a mistake.\” It\’s about making a case-by-case basis because you didn\’t do the right thing by losing your temper. Parents who actively admit their mistakes are still good parents. Just like what we ask our children to do, they should correct their mistakes when they know they are wrong. In the process of children growing up, there will be a lot of ups and downs, and perhaps small frictions with children will become good memories in the future. When you are old, you can tell your children, \”You were so naughty and lazy when you were a child.\” Maybe your children will smile at you at this time and continue to build this loving family together.

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