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Pay attention to the feeding habits of newborns, otherwise the weight will grow slowly


Oct 1, 2023 #neonatal period

For mothers whose babies are growing, whether their children are healthy and whether their height and weight are growing normally is their biggest concern. In many \”Mom\’s Back Garden\” WeChat groups, mothers talk about their children\’s three meals a day and various cute little habits every day, hoping to learn some knowledge about feeding their babies from other mothers. When the subject of children\’s height and weight comes up, many mothers will unconsciously compare their children with other children. If they are taller and weigh more than other children, they will be very happy. If the height or weight is the same as that of other children, they will be very happy. If the standard is not good enough, I will be so anxious that I can\’t sleep, and I will even start to have random thoughts, wondering whether my baby has some genetic problems, or whether there are physical problems with myself and my husband that make the baby inferior to other peers. In fact, it is normal to have these worries. After all, children are the treasures of the family, and nowadays people are pursuing high quality in raising children, which is to give the children the best and let them grow up healthily. If the height and weight are different, it will not be good for the children in the future. There are no benefits to schooling or employment. However, discovering the problem is not the focus, solving the problem is the focus. How to solve the problem? Then you need to know what is the reason for the baby\’s weight gain. When feeding your baby every day, ask yourself, have you achieved the following three feeding habits? ① Is the dietary intake enough? The older generation believes that children rely on their feelings, feed them when they cry, and feed them when they are ready. It can be said that this is not scientific at all. But things are different now. Many things have their own standards. Many new parents do everything according to the standards. How much milk to drink depends on the instructions, and how much complementary food to eat depends on expert recommendations. In short, everything is framed by standards, for fear that the child will eat more and cause food accumulation. But is this really good? In fact, this is not the case. After all, children are not robots, and they do not just need to follow the standards every day to follow the following procedures. The amount of complementary food added to the baby cannot be measured completely according to the standard grams and milliliters. So how can we judge what a child’s daily dietary intake should be? [New revised edition] American Academy of Pediatrics Parenting Encyclopedia e-book download The answer is: it depends on the child\’s own acceptance. If the baby can eat all the food prepared for the baby at once and quickly without stopping, and there are no symptoms of allergies, constipation or diarrhea, this means that the current food intake may not be enough for the child. At this time, you can add a little more to your child appropriately. If the child eats slowly every time he eats food and cannot finish it every time, then it is very likely that the current food intake is too much for the child and should be reduced appropriately. In general, how much dietary intake a child needs can be summed up in one word – tailor-made. ②Is the quality of sleep at night good enough? I believe that as a mother, everyone has complained about night feeding. Everyone knows that night feeding is a must for babies when they are young. Sometimes they have to be fed three or four times a night, and the baby will cry loudly after one meal. In doing so, many mothers feel that they have \”sacrificed\” and comforted their children, but in fact, this kind of comforting breastfeeding will seriously affect the children.The baby\’s weight increases because of frequent night feedings and the fact that the amount of night feedings is not large each time, which will cause the baby to be unable to effectively absorb the nutrients in breast milk. Therefore, it seems that he has been fed many times each time, but it is not. There is no practical effect. Faced with this situation, mothers must take measures. For example, they can slowly extend the time interval between night feedings, reduce the frequency of feeding the baby night feedings at night, and feed the baby enough at one time. This can not only It is easy to absorb and can also improve the sleep quality of babies and mothers. Isn’t it killing two birds with one stone? ③Is the iron content in supplementary food enough? Many mothers have heard others say that their babies should eat less red meat. Because the children are still young and have weak digestive abilities, they can easily get angry when eating red meat. Therefore, many mothers are taboo about adding red meat when adding complementary foods to their children. But what you need to know is that red meat is very rich in iron, and babies have a hemoglobin standard at each age. For a six-month-old baby, the hemoglobin must be 120-160 to be considered normal. If it is lower than this level, it may cause anemia in young children, which will have a serious impact on the healthy development of the child. So don’t be afraid to give your children red meat. Of course, you shouldn’t eat too much. After all, it’s not easy for children to digest meat now. In addition to red meat, you can also give your children more foods with relatively high iron content, such as iron-rich foods. Rice noodles, these. Written at the end, the baby\’s growth actually has a growth curve. Instead of comparing it with other children, mothers should judge whether the child\’s development is normal according to the standard growth curve. If you compare the growth curve and find that the child\’s height and weight have not increased for a long time. , it is necessary to take the child to the hospital for examination in time, \”take the bottom of the cauldron and prescribe the right medicine\”!

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