Pay attention to the precautions and taboo foods in early pregnancy, don’t be fooled again

Introduction: During pregnancy, everything from eating to sleeping, from exercise to entertainment, has certain \”restrictions\”. Although pregnant women should pay attention to nutritional supplements and eat more appropriately, there are still many \”stresses\” and precautions to take when it comes to diet. Especially in terms of which foods need to be \”taboo\”, it is not as casual as before. We must pay attention to nutritional balance and green health at all times. Around us, there is a lot of \”knowledge\” about pregnant women\’s diet. What they can eat and what they can\’t eat makes many pregnant mothers be careful when eating for fear of \”crash\”. But in fact, most of the little knowledge spread among the people about pregnant women\’s diet is actually \”pseudo-knowledge\” and has no scientific basis at all. But even so, many people still believe it. Next, let\’s take a look at the \”taboos\” about pregnant women\’s diet that are spread among the people. Which ones should not be believed? 1. \”Eating crabs will bring about bad luck\”, pregnant women cannot eat crabs? Many pregnant women must have heard that you cannot eat crabs when you are pregnant, otherwise, \”the baby will be born sideways.\” This sentence actually has no scientific reason at all. In fact, it originated from the saying \”eating crabs will lead to many children\” in \”Shou Shi Bao Yuan\”. In today\’s era of scientific development, it is simply nonsense. In fact, this is the same as \”eating rabbit heads will cause harelips, eating mutton will cause epilepsy, and eating chicken feet will cause children to grow chicken feet.\” To put it bluntly, these are some feudal superstitions that have no scientific basis. I hope pregnant mothers will stop listening to these rumors. In fact, the cold nature of crabs can easily lead to a cold stomach in women, so try to eat less or no crabs during pregnancy. 2. Pregnant women cannot eat hawthorn and longan. Will it cause miscarriage? In addition, there are some folk rumors that pregnant women should not eat too much hawthorn and longan. The reason is that these two foods are relatively nutritious. After eating them, they are likely to cause miscarriage and even other serious consequences, and they are also harmful to the mother herself. But in fact, this statement is not very rigorous. Regarding tonic foods, pregnant women can also eat them during pregnancy, but they have to control it to a certain extent. It is okay to eat hawthorn and longan occasionally. Be careful not to overdose. Everything must be kept within a certain degree. The latest and most complete 2023 [Kindergarten, Junior High and High School] premium VIP course catalogs from famous teachers in various disciplines on the entire network, click to view now! 3. Pregnant women cannot eat various condiments? Prone to danger? There are even some folk rumors that pregnant women should not eat various condiments, such as peppercorns, garlic, star anise, green onions, etc. It is believed that eating these things will have a negative impact on the fetus in the abdomen. But in fact, condiments such as star anise, garlic, peppercorns, and green onions may cause constipation or irritate the intestines and stomach, making the intestines drier and causing some trouble to some pregnant women. However, this does not mean that all pregnant women cannot eat it. It is okay to occasionally put some condiments in some meals and soups. Pregnant mothers eating rich foods can not only increase the taste of pregnant women and increase their appetite, but also benefit the development of the fetus. It’s just that pregnant women should pay attention to drinking more while eating.Water, and supplemented by fruits, have no effect on the development of the fetus. The above-mentioned folk rumors include that you cannot eat crabs, rabbit meat, condiments, and hawthorn and longan. How many of them have you heard? In fact, if you study these rumors carefully, you will find that they have no scientific basis. Pregnant women don’t have so many taboos. As long as they don’t eat too much and follow their own nutritional needs and control a certain amount, it’s mostly okay. Although the food intake must be controlled to a certain extent, pregnant women must pay more attention to their diet. The following things must be controlled and not eaten. • Mothers must not touch foods containing alcohol or irritating food. In fact, alcohol is very likely to be passed to the fetus through the mother’s blood, causing the child to be affected to a certain extent. So try not to touch it. •Not all fruits can be eaten. Try not to touch these fruits. Many people think that there is nothing wrong with eating more fruits and vegetables at any time, but in fact, these fruits should be avoided as much as possible during pregnancy. Fresh bayberries, pineapples, durians, etc. can easily cause excessive gastric acid secretion. Not only do they not have an appetizing effect, but they can also make pregnant women feel nauseous, so try not to touch these fruits. • Try to avoid spicy and cold foods, which can easily cause irritation to pregnant women. Pregnant women should also try not to touch some spicy and cold foods, otherwise it will easily cause certain irritation to the gastrointestinal tract and cause constipation. You will also affect the baby in your belly. There are certain things to pay attention to when eating during pregnancy. On the one hand, don’t be fooled by folk rumors, and you must have your own scientific judgment; on the other hand, you must not eat indiscriminately, and you must take responsibility for yourself and the baby in your belly. . Finally, I hope everyone can remember the above points and that every mother can successfully give birth to a healthy and cute baby. What have you heard about foods that are taboo during pregnancy? Mommies, what foods will you avoid during pregnancy?

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