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Perfect sex can increase your hit rate and your baby’s IQ

Sex is the most critical link for good pregnancy. No matter how strong the sperm and eggs of both parents are, if they are not given the opportunity to meet, everything will be in vain. However, China\’s traditional concepts make people talk about sex with disdain, thinking that sex is a very difficult thing to talk about.

I often meet some married women in the clinic. When I talk about sex, most of their reactions are intense, or they are shy, change the topic, or are vague. Preaching creates rejection and confusion. In fact, sex is an art, not only related to our family lineage, but also closely related to our happy life and physical health.

Good for marital harmony: Studies have shown that 15 minutes after sex, men and women identify with each other. Temperance and tolerance are the highest. If you seize this opportunity to communicate with your partner, many problems will be solved easily.

Protect male heart: A British study shows that men who have sex three times a week will Can cut the risk of heart disease in half. The study also showed that regular sex can reduce the risk of stroke in men by half.

Effective weight loss: 30 minutes of sex can burn 83.68 kilojoules, making people relaxed Lose excess fat loosely and maintain a slim, attractive figure.

Helping sleep: Caressing and sex can release endorphins that promote sleep, allowing couples to After having some fun, they quickly fell into a sweet dreamland.

Urine leakage prevention: Sex can enhance the strength of pelvic muscles and help people better control Urinating and effectively preventing urinary incontinence.

Pain relief:Sex should be painless and rewarding. After a hearty climax, the pituitary gland will secrete endorphins, which can help relieve body pain and joint pain. It can also relieve menstrual pain.

Menstrual regularity: If women have sex at least once a week , the menstrual cycle will be more regular.

Relaxation:Sex can effectively suppress anxiety, because the relationship between lovers A slow, gentle caress can make people calm down and forget their worries.

Relieve stress: When you encounter troubles, instead of yelling, it is better to release them through sex. Many psychologists in the United States regard happy sex as one of the best ways to get rid of stress.

Vent:A soft and comfortable bed is a good place to release bad emotions and behaviors. Couples with a happy sex life rarely experience extreme depression Violent emotions.

Stimulating sex hormones:Sexual ability is also a skill. The more sex you have, the better It can stimulate more sex hormones, enhance sexual desire, and also exercise sexual ability.

Enhance confidence:If a person performs well in bed, not only will his partner be happier, but he himself will also feel confident and powerful.

Prevent cancer: According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, the more men ejaculate, the less likely they are to develop prostate cancer.

Feeling happiness:Compared with money, sex can make people feel happier. The happiness felt by couples with a regular sex life is like making a lot more money every year.

Slow down aging: Neurophysiologist Wicks of Edinburgh Hospital in the UK said: An active sex life can delay the aging process and keep people young forever.

But casual sex can also cause harm to our bodies. A French study found that having multiple or frequently changing sexual partners will accelerate aging and shorten a person\’s life span by 4.7 years. Because changing sexual partners frequently can harm your heart health and is not conducive to blood pressure stability.

In fact, the lesser-known effect of perfect sex is that orgasm can not only increase the chance of conception, but also make the conceived children smarter. Foreign scholars have found that women with better sexual response have more sperm in the cervix after sexual intercourse, and the greater the probability of pregnancy. This is because there is positive pressure in the uterus during orgasm, which drops sharply to negative pressure after orgasm, making it easier for sperm to swim inwards into the uterine cavity. At the same time, due to sexual excitement, the position of the uterus rises, bringing the distance between the cervical opening and the semen pool closer, which is conducive to the inward swimming of semen. At the same time, the normal pH value of the vagina is 4 to 5, which is not conducive to the survival and activity of sperm. When sexual excitement is achieved, the pH value of the vagina changes. As the secretion of \”love fluid\” increases, the pH value rises, making it easier for sperm to \”attack\” into the female body. \”.

In the outpatient clinic, a woman once told me frankly: \”I have never had an orgasm, but I have been pregnant with two before.\” In fact, this patient had two artificial surgeries before. She has a history of miscarriage, but is now troubled by endometriosis. After multiple treatments, I once told her some sexual knowledge that is beneficial to pregnancy, including the relationship between orgasm and the probability of pregnancy.

When I brought up this topic, she was obviously very excited and believed that as long as her husband ejaculated, it didn\’t matter whether she had an orgasm or not. In fact, for couples with normal fertility, the absence of orgasm does not mean that they cannot become pregnant. Compared with men who use ejaculation as a sign of orgasm, most women have difficulty reaching orgasm every time they have sex. Many women only gradually have the feeling of orgasm after a long period of time after marriage or after giving birth to a child. According to the \”Durex Global Sexual Happiness Index\” survey report, only 13% of women in China experience orgasm during sex, although this does not affect the pregnancy of the next generation.

The significance of orgasm is even more reflected in eugenics. American sex scientists have concluded through experiments that the child\’s IQ is related to whether the mother has orgasm during pregnancy. When a woman reaches orgasm, the amino acids and sugars in the blood can penetrate into the reproductive tract, extending the survival time of the entering sperm and enhancing their motility. At the same time, the labia minora become congested and swollen, causing the vaginal opening to tighten, the deep vaginal folds to stretch and widen to facilitate semen storage, and the cervix to relax and open, making it easier for sperm to enter. The more sperm that compete, the higher the probability of conception, and the greater the chance of giving birth to the next generation with a higher IQ. Therefore, young couples should pay attention to the quality of sexual life, seize the opportunity of female orgasm, and improve pregnancy.hit rate and give birth to a smart child.

In fact, as long as we observe carefully, we will find that there are many such cases in life: among equally healthy couples preparing for pregnancy, some couples may be \”always on target\”, while some couples may not be able to conceive for a long time; There are cases where parents have mediocre IQs but the children they conceive are very smart. These may all be related to the moment of sexual intercourse. The smoothness and level of sexual desire may even be related to the success or failure of pregnancy.

This article is provided by Baidu Reading. It is excerpted from \”Very Good Pregnancy: You Can Get Pregnant by Doing This\” Author: Yu Yue\’e

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