Please ask Doudehui: How to treat this kind of dental caries in children?

Dental caries is a disease in which the hard tissue of the teeth is gradually destroyed by bacteria. If left untreated, cavities will form and eventually the crown will be completely destroyed. Dental caries is caused by multiple factors, including the interrelated imbalance between bacteria, diet, teeth and saliva. Dental caries will not occur if any one factor is missing. Untreated cavities will not heal on their own. The main method of treating cavities is filling. That is, the carious tissue is removed and a certain hole shape is made. After cleaning and disinfection, it is filled with amalgam or composite filling resin. When deciduous teeth need to be replaced, cheap glass ionomer cement is generally used as a temporary filling. Sometimes after removing the caries and bad tissue, the pulp of the tooth is exposed. In this case, pulp treatment is required before filling. Incipient caries that have not formed a cavity can be treated with medication, which can achieve certain results. Dental caries is a common and frequently-occurring disease in babies. The peak rate of caries in deciduous teeth is around 5 years old, and the rate of caries in permanent teeth is around 15 years old. Home treatment of dental caries in young children: Preventing dental caries is a very important child health care task. The basic principle is to take corresponding measures based on the factors that cause the disease. Reducing or eliminating pathogenic irritants: Reducing or eliminating plaque, changing the oral environment, and creating clean conditions are important steps in preventing caries. The most practical and effective methods are brushing and gargling. You should pay attention to your baby\’s eating habits, add various complementary foods on time, and eat more rough, hard and fiber-rich foods, which can friction and clean the tooth surface and reduce the accumulation of food debris. Hard food needs to be chewed thoroughly, which can not only strengthen the periodontal tissue, but also rub the biting surface of the teeth, which may make the pits and fissures shallower and help reduce pit and fissure caries. Reduce or control sugar in the diet: Babies should be educated to develop the habit of eating less snacks, sweets and pastries, not to eat sugar before going to bed, and to eat more vegetables, fruits and foods containing calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, etc. from an early age. Eat whole grains as much as possible. Enhance the caries resistance of teeth: Mainly through fluoridation method, increase the fluorine in the teeth, especially change the enamel surface or surface structure, and enhance its caries resistance. Special reminder for young children with dental caries: Fluoride anti-caries methods cannot be used in areas with high fluoride, nor can they be used on children with dental fluorosis. Related articles: Tips on how to get rid of baby’s bad breath?

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