Please ask Doudehui: What should I do if my baby has a cold, cough and runny nose?

Infants and young children have small nasal cavities and rich nasal mucosa with blood vessels. They are prone to inflammation and runny nose, which can block the baby\’s nasal cavity. The baby may cry, be irritable, and be unwilling to eat. Babies who are irritated by cold air may have a runny nose due to sensitivity. If the runny nose is only in the morning, it is often caused by allergies. This kind of nose is watery. In addition, colds can also cause a runny nose, which is watery in the early stage and turns to sticky yellow in the middle and late stages. Home treatment of baby\’s cold, cough and runny nose: You can wipe the runny nose with soft cotton fabric, because the baby\’s skin is very delicate, and wiping too much will damage the skin, so be sure to be gentle. After wiping the nose, you can cover it with a warm and wet towel, and then gently Apply a little oil to prevent skin from getting chapped and painful. If there are lumps (commonly known as boogers) blocking the nostrils, you can use tweezers or a cotton swab dipped in a small amount of warm water to gently remove the lumps and secretions from the nasal cavity. Be gentle and do not push the boogers inward. If the baby\’s nostrils are blocked by nasal mucus, which affects breathing, you can use a nasal aspirator to help the baby suck out the nasal mucus. For older babies, you can teach him to blow his own nose. Special reminder if your baby has a cold, cough or runny nose: Do not use ephedrine nasal drops without authorization when your baby has a stuffy nose or runny nose. Do not dig your baby\’s nose with your fingernails.

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