Pregnancy and childbirth, those things that make people angry, every word breaks their heart

Pregnancy, childbirth, parenting, this series of complicated processes, are you worried? How could there be just a few? Is there more than one person who is angry? The person who makes you angry may be him, her, or it! 01 I feel ridiculous for no reason. Thinking that I am pregnant with a ticking time bomb, he is just like a single guy, able to eat anything and do anything, and I feel very angry! 02 Taking photos It’s not too much to take a maternity photo every month. Looking at the continuous photos taken by my husband, they either have a bad composition, have no head, have no belly, or are too fat. It’s really annoying! 03 There are not many seats in the obstetrics department for prenatal check-ups. Although some men stopped, a certain man sat calmly browsing Weibo. The old lady next to him occupied two seats… She was obviously a pregnant woman, but she saw non-pregnant women occupying the seats reserved for pregnant women. You said I\’m not angry! 04 I went for a walk and a group of aunts downstairs were whispering, this is whose daughter-in-law. I heard that they have been married for several years and she was almost 40 before she got pregnant… Humph, are you eating your rice? 05 The confinement baby just fell asleep, and the mother-in-law’s sisters came to congratulate her. The mother-in-law happily took out the baby who had just put a lot of effort into coaxing him to sleep. It was like in a zoo, and the baby was visited and caressed by them. Then when I woke up, I stuffed it back again! 06 After finally coaxing the child, my husband just said one word, is the child asleep? Either come up and give the baby a forced kiss, and my two-hour coaxing to sleep will fail! 07 When sleeping, I can get up at night to feed and change diapers N times without getting tired. One person is so busy that his feet are in the air, while the man next to him sleeps like a dead pig, with his feet in the air! 08 When making milk, my husband made milk for the baby and asked him to test the temperature. He took a sip directly and told him that there were bacteria in it. Just pour it on the back of his hand to keep it warm. He poured half the bottle into his hand! 09 When I was looking after the baby, I asked my husband to look after the baby, and I went to the supermarket to buy some daily necessities. When I came back, I found that my husband was as steady as a rock playing games, and the baby made poop and urine all over the clothes! You have to rely on yourself to get pregnant and give birth, but there are people who don’t have the vision to make you angry and angry. Life is just a drama. Live your life well and don’t be angry.

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