Pregnancy Symptoms: Daily Health Care for Pregnant Mothers in Week 15

After making a life plan and entering the second trimester, the body and psychology of the pregnant mother enter a stable state to some extent. At this time, you should develop a pregnancy life plan with a new mentality. As the body becomes heavier and heavier, people tend to become lazy, so it is more necessary to reasonably allocate time for housework, work and rest. In addition, insist on going to bed early and getting up early during pregnancy. Ensuring normal eating times is of great benefit to the health of pregnant mothers and safe delivery. Adjustment of home furnishings In the middle and late stages of pregnancy, pregnant mothers have difficulty moving, so they need to pay special attention to the adjustment of home furnishings and pay attention to the convenience and safety of furniture. Lighting at night: It is best to install night lights on the passage leading to the bathroom, in the kitchen, living room, and bedroom to maintain appropriate night lighting and make pregnant mothers\’ movements at night safer. Maintain passage space As the number of weeks of pregnancy increases, the body shape of the pregnant mother changes significantly. It is best to increase the activity routes in the family and maintain sufficient space. For example, in the passages between halls and the shoe cabinets at the door, try to avoid stacking debris. The lockers originally placed on the passage should also be moved as much as possible. In addition, avoid parking bicycles and electric vehicles at the door, which will cause the entrance and exit channels to be too narrow and interfere with the daily movements of pregnant mothers. Install non-slip mats and handrails in the bathroom. Taking a bath is the most enjoyable part of the day. But whether you are taking a bath or shower, it is best to lay a non-slip mat in the bathroom to prevent pregnant mothers from accidentally slipping. Handrails are also installed beside the bathtub and toilet to improve bathroom safety and enable pregnant mothers to safely enjoy the bathing process. Related reading: Pregnancy Symptoms in the 15th Week: Dietary Nutrition for Pregnant Mothers Adjusting the Storage Height of Things If there is a pregnant mother at home, storage habits of things must be adjusted. Because the center of gravity of the body is unstable after pregnancy and the belly is protruding, it is very difficult to stand on tiptoes or squat down to pick up things. Therefore, the storage location of commonly used items should not exceed the level above the shoulders and below the knees. Attach anti-slip strips at the junction of the last step of the stairs and the floor. There is a height difference between the balcony floor and the indoor floor. Anti-slip strips should be affixed to prevent pregnant mothers from falling due to their unstable center of gravity. In addition, place a small rug on the floor in front of the bed to prevent slipping. Housework is also a kind of exercise. Housework can also be regarded as a kind of exercise. Doing housework properly can increase the amount of activity and prevent constipation, which is most likely to occur during pregnancy. It can not only increase appetite, but also improve sleep and help prevent pregnant mothers from gaining weight. But there are some housework that you should not do during pregnancy. When doing housework, you must be particularly careful. You must not do whatever you want, but do as much as you can. When doing housework, you should not bend your back excessively or lift heavy objects. The principle of slowness is the principle. Pregnant mothers should do housework with the principle of slowness, and use a posture that does not directly press the abdomen as a basic guarantee. It is not advisable to stand for a long time. When doing housework, it is best not to stand for a long time. It is recommended to do housework for 20 minutes and stop to rest for 10 minutes. Lower standards. Some people usually have very strict requirements for the cleanliness of their home environment, and they have to lower their cleaning standards during pregnancy.

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