Pregnancy symptoms in the 17th week, the umbilical cord becomes the baby’s new toy!

The development status of the fetus in the 17th week of pregnancy. The fetus\’s body organs develop more fully during this week. The circulatory system and urethra have fully entered normal working condition. He or she can continue to inhale and exhale amniotic fluid. Especially this week, he or she will be playing in the mother\’s womb. The best toy for the fetus in the womb is the umbilical cord. He (she) sometimes pulls it, grabs it, and sometimes even tightens it so tightly that only a small amount of oxygen can enter. However, this does not cause any serious harm to the baby. You must know that the fetus He (she) will have a sense of self-discipline, and he (she) will not let himself or herself be deprived of any oxygen and nutrients. At 17 weeks of pregnancy, the fetus\’s hearing organs are better developed. The small skeleton in the ear is stronger and it can begin to hear sounds. . In addition to the mother’s voice, the sound of the heart beating and the sounds of the digestive organs, the fetus also perceives the sounds outside the mother’s belly to a certain extent. Related reading: Prenatal education enlightenment for the fetus in the 16th week of pregnancy 17th week of pregnancy Mother\’s body changes Now, pregnant mothers have gained a lot more weight than before pregnancy. Excessive weight gain is not a good thing for pregnant mothers and their fetuses. Pregnant mothers should ensure that they and their fetuses need all kinds of nutrients. On the basis of strict control of weight. As the uterus of pregnant mothers increases, the stomach and intestinal tubes are pushed up, which can easily cause gastric bloating, stagnant food, chest tightness, and sometimes difficulty breathing after eating. The uterus and other organs The blood demand is more than twice as high as before, so the burden on the pregnant mother\’s heart is heavier than before. Now, the blood supply to the pregnant mother\’s heart is more than 40% higher than before pregnancy. This increased blood will increase the pressure inside the capillaries. , causing nose or gum bleeding.

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