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Pregnancy symptoms in week 18: Vomiting of pregnancy terminated

Symptoms of Pregnancy in the 18th Week: The Development of the Fetus The fetus\’s small chest is bulging at this time. This is because he or she is breathing, but what the fetus inhales and exhales at this time is not air but amniotic fluid. Related reading: Prenatal education enlightenment for pregnant mothers in the 17th week of pregnancy. At this time, the fetal heart movement becomes active, and the sound of the fetal heartbeat can be heard with the help of a stethoscope. In addition, starting from this period, ultrasound can be used to check whether the fetal heart is normal. The pads on the baby\’s fingertips and toes have formed, and unique swirly or whorl-like fingerprints have begun to appear. He or she has become able to maneuver his or her hands with great coordination and even put his or her hands in his or her mouth. Your baby is very active now, poking, kicking, twisting and turning around a lot. The fetus\’s eyes move to a normal position, and it is theoretically believed that in order to protect the eyes, his or her eyelids will not open until the 24th week. When the fetus is 18 weeks old, the vagina, uterus, and fallopian tubes of the baby girl are all in place. The genitals of a male baby are clearly visible. Of course, sometimes the small genitals will be covered depending on the baby\’s position. Symptoms of Pregnancy in the 18th Week: The physical changes of the pregnant mother. This week, the physical signs of the pregnant mother are more obvious. The abdomen is bulging, the uterus continues to grow, and the fundus of the uterus is two fingers below the belly button. Due to changes in body shape and increased body load, pregnant mothers become easily tired and occasionally lose balance. Most pregnant mothers also suffer from hemorrhoids. The fetus gradually grows bigger day by day, pressing on the rectum, and the veins in the rectum bulge, and in severe cases, they may bulge out of the anus. After hemorrhoids occur, the anal area will be itchy and painful, and bleeding may occur when sitting on a chair or when excreting. At this time, you can use ice packs to calm the itchy area, or consult a doctor for appropriate treatment.

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