Pregnancy symptoms in week 19: Pregnant mother’s appetite increases

The development of the fetus has reached the 19th week, and the fetus\’s expressions have become extremely rich: frowning, rolling eyes, or looking like crying. The hair becomes thicker and more numerous. Although the eyelids still cover the eyeballs, the retina can already sense the presence of light. When exposed to light from outside the mother\’s belly, it will feel dazzling and frown. Eyebrows and eyelashes also begin to grow. At 19 weeks, the biggest change in the fetus is that the sensory organs begin to develop rapidly according to regions. Taste, smell, touch, vision, and hearing now begin to develop in specialized areas of the brain. At this time, the number of neurons decreases and the connections between neurons begin to increase. The brain and spine also develop to their greatest extent during this period. The body changes of the pregnant mother During this week, the body of the pregnant mother begins to become a little bulky, and she can wear loose maternity clothes with pride. The uterus has enlarged to the position one finger below the belly button, the subcutaneous fat has thickened, and the abdominal protrusion is more obvious. As the mammary glands develop and the breasts enlarge, the bras used before pregnancy are no longer suitable. Excessive pressure on the nipples will hinder the development of the breast glands, so a slightly larger bra size should be used. And at this time, the body also begins to prepare for breastfeeding. The nipple will secrete milk, the pigment of the skin will increase, the nipple will become darker and accompanied by a tingling sensation; the veins on the skin surface will be very obvious. Pregnant mothers will have white or light yellow discharge from their vagina this week. This is caused by an increase in the amount of blood flowing around the vagina during the second trimester. If the secretion has a strong smell, is green in color and is sticky, it may be that the vagina is infected and should be observed carefully. Wear underwear when there is a lot of secretion, and try to wear cotton underwear to reduce irritation.

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