Pregnancy symptoms in week 20: Wear maternity clothes and feel proud

The development of the baby in the 20th week of pregnancy. During this period, a layer of milky white sebum wraps the baby like a protective film, protecting the baby\’s skin from stimulation by amniotic fluid and helping the baby pass smoothly through the birth canal during delivery. During this week, the baby grows thin fetal hair. The kidneys can already produce urine, a dark green or black sticky substance that makes up the baby\’s first \”dirty diaper.\” After this period, the fetus will have all the nerve cells that the human body should have, and then the nerves will become larger and more complex in structure. The muscles connecting the various nerves also develop, and the fetus can move freely according to its own wishes. The fetus can stretch its body in the amniotic fluid, grab things with its hands, and turn its body. Related reading: Prenatal education enlightenment for pregnant mothers in the 19th week of pregnancy. Physical changes of pregnant mothers in the 20th week of pregnancy. At this time, not only the breasts are expanding, but the pregnant mother’s waist and abdomen also begin to expand. The enlarged abdomen destroys the overall balance and makes People are prone to fatigue and occasionally experience abdominal pain. As the uterus grows larger, the pressure on the lungs, stomach, and kidneys gradually increases, causing shortness of breath, indigestion, and frequent urination. You may even urinate without realizing it. At this time, you should wear underwear such as underwear. Pregnant mothers can clearly feel fetal movement this week. Sometimes the fetus is constantly moving and making some rolling movements, which makes you unable to sleep at night. In the next 10 weeks, the fetus will move very frequently until your uterus is full in the third trimester.

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