Pregnancy Symptoms: Prenatal Education Enlightenment for Babies in the 15th Week

Frequently calling the baby\’s baby name. Prenatal education requires both parents to participate. Parents can give the baby a neutral baby name and call it often so that the baby can remember it firmly. In this way, if the baby is called by his baby name when he cries after birth, the baby will no longer be unfamiliar with the new environment outside the womb, but will feel a sense of security and will calm down quickly. At this time. Parents should treat their fetus as a sensible child and often talk, chat, or sing to him. In this way, it can not only enhance the relationship between husband and wife, but also convey the love of parents to the fetus, which is of great benefit to the emotional development of the fetus. The content of the conversation should not be too complicated. It is best to repeat one or two sentences over a period of time to create a deep memory in the fetal cerebral cortex. Male mid-bass sounds are easier to pass into the womb, and studies have found that fetuses prefer this kind of deep tone. Therefore, expectant fathers should often sing, tell stories, and talk to their fetuses. Fetuses trained through this kind of sound will quickly adapt to the new living environment after birth. Intrauterine exercise training for the fetus. Intrauterine exercise training for the baby can be carried out appropriately after 3 to 4 months of pregnancy. The method is: the pregnant mother lies on her back, relaxes her whole body, first strokes her abdomen back and forth with her hands, and then gently presses different parts of her abdomen with her fingers. And watch how your baby reacts. The movements should be gentle and the time should be short at the beginning. After a few weeks, the baby will gradually adapt and make some positive reactions. You can add a little bit of exercise at this time. Related reading: Daily health care for pregnant mothers in the 15th week of pregnancy The theory of prenatal education advocates that the baby should be given exercise training, which can stimulate the baby\’s enthusiasm for exercise and promote the baby\’s physical and mental development, but the amount of exercise must be appropriate. Modern medicine has proven that the strength and frequency of fetal movement can predict the health status of the baby in the mother. Someone once observed those with strong fetal movement and those with weak fetal movement and found that the coordination and movement of those with strong intrauterine movement after birth were better. The sensitivity of the response is better than that of those with weak fetal movement before birth. All babies who have received exercise training in the mother\’s body will turn over, crawl, sit, walk and jump significantly earlier than the average baby after birth. Therefore, baby\’s sports training is indeed a positive and effective means of prenatal education. Let the fetus feel the beauty in nature. When the baby is 4 months old in the mother\’s womb, he already has various feelings. For example, if the mother is in a noisy environment, he will frequently kick his legs to express \”dissatisfaction\”. This shows how much the environment affects the healthy development of the baby. important. Therefore, pregnant mothers should often go to nature to appreciate and feel the beauty, so that the baby in the belly can be influenced by beauty as soon as possible. Related information: 100 must-listen prenatal education music with lossless sound quality, free download from Baidu Netdisk. The beautiful scenery of nature is diverse and each has its own style. It includes the sun, moon, nebula, landscapes, flowers and birds, vegetation, fish and insects, forests and fields, etc. They can cultivate people\’s sentiments. It brings joy to people, inspires people to think, and greatly enriches people\’s spiritual world. Nature can not only broaden the horizons of pregnant mothers, but it is also very beneficial to the baby\’s body. Appreciating the beauty of nature more can not only give people rest and entertainment, make people feel calm and comfortable, but also open their eyes., increase knowledge and add youthful vitality. These are extremely beneficial to the physical and mental health of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

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