Pregnant mothers should pay attention to these foods that can easily cause jaundice in newborns during pregnancy

Jaundice is the most common disease among newborns. You should all have heard of neonatal jaundice. It is common in babies who are just born or within a week after birth and have excessive jaundice. If it is physiological jaundice, it will subside on its own over time if you spend more time in the sun; but if a baby If there is no sign of subsidence for many months, you should consider whether it is pathological jaundice. If it is pathological, you need to pay attention and seek help from a pediatrician as soon as possible, otherwise it will cause adverse effects on the child\’s later development. However, not all babies will be born with jaundice. If you want to give birth to a fair and fat baby, then the expectant mother needs to control her mouth and move her legs during pregnancy, and avoid eating these types of foods that can easily cause jaundice during pregnancy. Now You enjoy yourself first, and your baby suffers later. 1. Acidic fruits The first one on the list is acidic fruits. Since the hormones in pregnant women fluctuate greatly during pregnancy, causing pregnancy reactions such as nausea, vomiting, drooling, and poor appetite, the taste of food will also change. Most pregnant women are \”interested\” in acidic things. , and fruits are the best choice for pregnant mothers, such as oranges, hawthorns, oranges, etc. These common seasonal fruits have a good effect on appetizing, but these acidic fruits are rich in jaundice-causing substances. Ingredients – Bilirubin. Excessive consumption by pregnant mothers will increase the bilirubin content in the body, which may lead to disorders over time, which may lead to excessive bilirubin levels in the baby after birth. 2. Internal organs: Many expectant mothers are anemic during physical examinations during pregnancy, and doctors generally recommend dietary supplements, such as chicken liver, pork liver and other high-iron foods, which have a strong blood-enriching effect. However, in addition to high levels of iron, animal offal also contains large amounts of heme and cholesterol. The increase in cholesterol will reduce the metabolic rate of toxic substances in the body, causing accumulation and causing fetal jaundice. 3. Spicy food Because there is a saying that sour food is spicy, so sour and spicy foods have become the focus of expectant mothers during pregnancy. The love for spicy food has increased from pre-pregnancy to post-pregnancy, such as hot pot, Malatang, and spicy strips. These are all women\’s favorites. Few women are so disciplined as not to eat them at all. Before pregnancy, you can eat them occasionally to satisfy your cravings. However, you need to avoid foods after pregnancy. Not only is it easy to accelerate the weight gain of pregnant women, because the original nutrients of these foods have been decomposed, and the nutrients that can be absorbed by the fetus are almost zero. There is also the risk of accumulating fetal toxins. Increase the incidence of neonatal jaundice. Because the intake of these types of foods should be avoided as much as possible during pregnancy, especially acidic fruits, which not only increases the incidence of jaundice, but also increases the risk of premature birth. Pregnant mothers should not be careless.

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